2013/2014 Homeschool year

What is in the works for my girls.

10th Grader:  (all at co-op except for extras)

8th Grader:  Honestly I can’t believe she is already in 8th grade!  (Science and Home Ec at co-op)

  • History ??
  • Saxon Alg I  also have the teaching CDs
  • Apologia Physical Science
  • English ??
  • Home Ec.
  • Extras:  ??
  • It is obvious with the numerous ?? in the list above, I need to get off my butt and figure this school year out.

 7th Grader:  (English and Spanish at co-op)

  • History:  ??  (here I go again.  What to do.  What to do)
  • Saxon Alg I
  • English – learning to write.  No set curriculum
  • Science:  Astronomy.  I am going back and forth about getting the Jeanne Fulbright Astronomy.  Don’t know if I need it and I don’t know if she would like the journal.  She did the journal for Anatomy.  The Astronomy one looks exactly like it.  Hmmm…???
  • Language:  Spanish I

That’s it in a nutshell.  Still need to find books for them to read.

What are you doing for school?

5 responses to “2013/2014 Homeschool year

  1. I enjoy reading about your homeschool plans. I miss that about homeschooling – the daily purpose that cannot be ignored.

  2. Hey, and best wishes to you on teaching the chemistry class this coming year!

  3. Not Inadequate

    That’s a lot of question marks. My list has them too. I am thinking Beautiful Feet for History. Real Science 4 Kids for Science (physics, I think). And maybe seeing about piano lessons or something. Blah. I can’t believe it’s already July!

  4. Not Inadequate

    Oh look! I see the Pencil Sharpener button!

    You are the best, Michelle, I am not even kidding. Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. Ummmm…I haven’t idea what we are doing yet. I am so prepared this year. Your schedule looks good!

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