Last post on Biology – WHOOO-RAH!!

Over the past year I had problems with the computer and with my laziness, both make a bad combination for posting to a blog.

So, here I am trying to recap some things we did in Biology and share a few more printables.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll organize what I have on here a little better.   Just checked; my last post on Biology was in January. That is sad.

Ok, here we go.

Once again we did the GMO Spuds aka Spudoodles.  These are awesome. Usually the students love them.

However; 2012/2013 school year brought on a whole new type of students.  I think all but one was less than thrilled to be in my class. It was a challenge this year and I think I learned from it. 🙂


You really can’t see the Spudoodles here.  All of my photos and work from last year is on an external hard drive.  These are all I have for now.  My daughter is on the right.  Doesn’t she look excited?

The biggest problem I had this year, was the kids DID NOT like how their spudoodles looked. Even after I told them they HAD NO CHOICE in what it looked like.  For example this girl hated the two curly tails.


It was a great opportunity to ask one important question:

What genetic trait did God give you, that your parents would like to get rid of?

The Spudoodles are done just after learning the Punnett Square, which is used to predict the odds of receiving a particular trait.  To make the class time more efficient, I made the following printables.  I didn’t want to waste time in the classroom while the students drew the punnett squares.   They are here for you to print as you see fit.

Also did the insect board.

Due to sick kids, I had to cancel the field trip to Guana River.

I have to say.  I am glad Biology is over and I am moving on to another Apologia Science; Chemistry.

Anyone who is following this blog and enjoying the Biology posts, please let me know if you have any question.

Have a happy school 2013/2014 school year!

5 responses to “Last post on Biology – WHOOO-RAH!!

  1. Ha Ha! “What genetic trait did God give you, that your parents would like to get rid of?” Love it! Are you going to start a Chemistry section on your blog? We are doing Astronomy this summer/fall and may start Chemistry winter/spring.


    Most AWESOME BLOG from most AWESOME SCIENCE TEACHER!!! Thanks Michelle!

    Lv ya,


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