Random Monday

I embarrassed my kids at the movies!

1.  I knitted in public.  Score!


2.  I lifted my hands and “road” the roller coaster during the introduction.  Double score!

3.  Not using my in the theater voice, I said,  “I like the minion’s butt the best.”  Triple score!

We are not amused!


We sold Phil.  We are sad and happy at the same time.

We are scrambling to find another camper this week, because in two weeks we are scheduled to go camping again.  HA, can’t do that without a camper.

Ya’ll have a great week!  First visit Not Inadequate and read her Monday post.

4 responses to “Random Monday

  1. beneita@comcast.net

    LOL! I take my crochet EVERYWHERE!!!!!! It draws  attention that I do not li ke sometimes, and other times, it draws people to hang around and talk!!! Never tried it at the movies! Maybe if I did I could get some crocheting done without all the attention!!!! LOVE THE PICS !!!!! Lv, Beneita

  2. Not Inadequate

    I love how the girls are pretending not to know you!

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