Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

On July 4th, while packing up our picnic, the kids heard a PLOP.  They turned around an noticed this little guy on the ground.  He had fallen out a large pine tree.

Mexican Free-tailed Bat

He only opened one wing, so we don’t know if he was injured.  He crawled around a bit trying to find some shade to hide.  


We knew he was unhappy where he was, so we helped him back to the tree.


You can barely see him below.  Hopefully, he survived. 


After our hike, we found him about two feet higher than where we left him.  

  • Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
  • Medium Sized Bat – wingspan is between 12-14 in, weight is between 0.4-0.5 oz.
  • Life span – about 18 years
  • They eat a whole lotta bugs.  

Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Texas is home to over 20,000,000 Mexican Free-Tailed Bats.  You can get more information at  There is even a video!

  • Kingdom:  Animalia
  • Phylum:  Chordata
  • Class:  Mammalia
  • Order:  Chiroptera
  • Family:  Molossidae
  • Genus:  Tadarida
  • Species:  T. brasiliensis

Bats are the only flying mammals.  


6 responses to “Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

  1. Awwww….he’s cute. I hope he made it.

  2. We are going to TX this summer in August. While there, we are going on a boat bat tour. We are excited. 🙂

  3. Not Inadequate

    Bats are awesome! Did you kiss him on his little bat lips?

  4. beneitaflemmer

    So AWESOME!!!!!! Always and adventure with you guys!!!!

  5. How awesome is this? Very!

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