I’d Like to Introduce..

Ivan the Awethome (camper) and his BFF Brutus (truck).


Yes, the kids name our belongings.  Brutus is the truck.  It’s big and it likes to tow heavy things, which is why the husband wanted it.

Ivan the Awethome (from Night at the Museum) is a 2007 Montana Mountaineer Edition.  Has 3 bunks and a sofa in the kids’ room and a queen size bed in the master bedroom.

Our adventure:  After the previous owner left with the payment, The Husband hitches up the camper to take off.  Thankfully, The Husband is smart, and did a slight test to see if the hitch was fully attached. It wasn’t.  It turns out the hitch on the camper is a special one.  It was made for a short bed truck.  We don’t have a short bed truck; therefore, it didn’t fit.  Who knew?  Not us.  The Husband takes the hitch off the camper, drives to a welder, and have the extra part welded off.  This enabled the camper to be properly hitched.

So… hours later, we are backing into a campground lot.

W. P. Franklin Federal Park.  It is very open and very clean.  We have marked this as a spot to camp at again.


There was no electricity to the camper when we were looking to purchase it.  There was just enough juice in a battery to get the slides out.  William took a gamble that the refrigerator and A.C. worked.   Imagine his disappointment when he turned on the A.C. and heard nothing but, womp, womp, womp….  It shook the camper.

Does he panic much? No.  He uses his nerdy brain, climbs onto the top of the camper and takes a look.   Way down under the fan was a large wasp nest.  He got that out without getting stung.  Thankfully, he did not do his usual bee dance and fling himself off the camper.



Since we had an unpleasant experience just getting the camper and setting it up, we were all too tired to stay and enjoy the tourist attraction, so we slept in and left the next morning.

God was good and provided the perfect camper for us.  We love it!  It was clean on the inside and well taken care of.

Wonder how you buy a camper?  With cash of course.


We no longer have cash, so don’t ask for any.  🙂

The camper is scrubbed and vacuumed.  Today we load everything from dishes to toilet paper, as we head out again this weekend.

Inside pictures coming tomorrow.  🙂

4 responses to “I’d Like to Introduce..

  1. “We no longer have cash, so don’t ask for any.”
    hehe! 😀
    This is exciting! So glad y’all have a nice camper. 🙂

  2. I would like a video of the Bee Dance.

    Also, can you spot me $20, or do you only roll with hundreds?

  3. That is one heck of a camper!! I think you should drive it up to MN and go camp in the North Shore with us. The state parks are absolutely beautiful and the hiking is amazing. We will borrow our friend’s puny little pop up and camp right next to you. And sit in your camper all day. And use your bathroom. And cook in your kitchen. And sleep in your beds. How does that sound????

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