The Inside of Ivan

Master Bedroom.  Bed is on a slide.  Hey Deb, no comment about the mirror beside the bed!  Quilt made by my sister.


This is our “dresser”.  We didn’t have a dresser in Phil.  Three T.V.s came with this camper.  All work.


This is a sleeper sofa and it is on a slide with the dinette.


Kitchen area.  The stove is a large size, so I can put something other than a very small cookie sheet in there.  Normally, we cook outside.


Here is the refrigerator.  The doorway on the right goes to the kids’ room.


Kids’ room.  Has a sofa bed, and a pull down bunk (on a slide). To the right you can see the other bunks.  The T.V. was moved from the sofa to the floor for some reason.   It was on the sofa for travel.  It will fall out of its compartment if left in there.


Here are the other bunks pushed up into travel mode.  Shelves in the back.  The square in the cabinet, on the right, is the place for the T.V.


And these are the bunks pulled down for sleeping. Each bunk has their own window and shelves.  Pretty cool!  The girls love this room.  It does have a door and not a curtain for privacy.


That’s our Ivan!

9 responses to “The Inside of Ivan

  1. Looks great!

  2. Georgeann Engel

    Cool! Have fun this weekend. Can’t wait until October!!!

  3. **well! I never!**

    Looks awesome! I love the fold down bunks, I’ve never seen that before. So brave to pick it up and plan a camping trip that very day! Did you have to do much cleaning?

  4. Wow! That is such a nice, and I mean super-nice, camper. I love it! I hope you all have many wonderful vacations with it. =D

  5. That is amazing!!! It makes the pop-up camper that we just borrowed put to shame. If I had that, I would go camping every weekend!! How fun. You could really live in that thing. Is that your plan? To get rid of the kiddos and just travel the country??

  6. just catching up here!!! Ivan is wonderful!!! I’m so envious, I would love to own a camper…….maybe one day! Read the knitting bag post as well, Love the new bag and wish I could spare the cash to get one of those as well right now but it will have to wait…schoolbooks are more important right now.

  7. What coach is it? Is it a “pusher”? It looks a ton like my dad’s Landau Georgie Boy!

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