New Knitting Bag


This is my new knitting bag from Tom Bihn.  It arrived in exactly five days after I ordered it.  It is made in the U.S. using, 1050 denier, high tenacity ballistic nylon.  The inside is made with Dyneema®/nylon ripstop fabric.  Notice the inside is red.  That means it is perfect.  Red is perfect.  Right Chocolatechip?  And look MNKristy, my awesome name tag goes better with this bag. 🙂


There are  two clear urethane pockets and lots of O-rings to hang organizing pouches.


Above photo shows the inside of the yarn sack that came with it.  It is the perfect size for a ball of yarn and it has a yarn guide.  Very light weight.  Below is one of the clear organizing pouches.  Color is called wasabi.


The bag is light weight, sturdy, and comfortable (has padded shoulder straps).  I asked how well do these bags last.  I was told the Tom Bihn bags will last a very long time and still look new.  Sir Husband was very pleased I bought this bag because it is durable.

Below is a photo of one of the bags I bought about 5 years ago.  It cost more than the Tom Bihn bag, but look at it.  It is falling apart.  In fact, I have bought two bags, wallet, organizing mesh pouches (in pink *gasp*), and a needle case from this company.  The wallet is fairly new, but the edges are already peeling.  The pouches started ripping down the sides within a month, and I gave the needle case to my daughter, because it would not close properly.


Want to know what I think these fake leather bags are worth?  This…



5 responses to “New Knitting Bag

  1. That looks very durable and cute! I love all the organizing compartments. I hope the Pea has fun creating something with the junky bag remnants. Cute name tag!!

  2. Great post! And a great bag! Glad you are enjoying it so much. I would feel awful for encouraging you to spend all that money and be dissatisfied!

  3. That’s very nice. I like the red, the red makes up for the very practical stormy-night-gray color.

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