Pine Woods Tree Frog



This little fellow as found on the back of Sir Husband’s truck.  He was just hanging around and enjoying the limelight.

I have not seen one of these before.

He is grayish color with some green.  He isn’t smooth like the Green Treefrog and his toe pads are much larger than the Green Treefrog.  I think he is rather cute.


Pine Woods Tree Frog climb high in trees, preferring pine trees.  Good thing they like to climb, because it could have ended up like this  or this.

Size about 1.5 inches.  Diet insects.

  • Kingdom:  Animalia
  • Phylum:  Chordata
  • Class:  Amphibia
  • Order:  Anura
  • Family:  Hylidae
  • Genus:  Hyla
  • Species:  H. Femoralis

3 responses to “Pine Woods Tree Frog

  1. Very cute!!!! Thanks for the post!!!

  2. Tree frogs are so cute. Why? Is it their big eyes? Is it their big toe-tips? Is it their general laid back attitude about being seen by people?

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