Random Monday




I camped alone for two nights, so I could work on my homeschool schedules.  I was able to get the Chemistry done and work on a few others.

The family met me Tuesday night at the campground.  We had hotdogs for dinner.  Sir Husband was lamenting the fact we did not have any coleslaw and he couldn’t eat his hotdog.  Pea #1 said, “Suck it up and eat the hotdog.

We came home 3 days early due to heavy rains and insects ready to feast upon us…and did.

We start school in two weeks.  What happened to summer?


4 responses to “Random Monday

  1. Indeed. Summer is fleeting.

    For insects – ingest vinegar (salad dressings, or in 1T Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs is raw) in iced tea with honey), and rub basil or rosemary leaves on exposed skin. We live in coastal south – it works – well unless you go for a walk along the dismal swamp.

  2. Yes, I know the feeling with those killer skeeters trying to suck you dry. Put a damper on our evenings at the camper too. School…what a naughty word. NOT. READY!

  3. Not Inadequate

    Two weeks! I say let’s not rush into anything.

  4. When you figure out where summer went, please let me know!!! I am in the same boat! Only we start on MONDAY!!!! August 05!!!!
    Glad you had some alone time!!!

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