Exploring Creation With Chemistry

Exploring Creation With Chemistry: 2nd Edition

For our 2013-2014 co-op year, we are using Exploring Creation With Chemistry 2nd Edition by Jay Wile.

2013-2014 Chemistry Schedule – This is different than what I did for Biology.  I am hoping the kids are old enough to be able to schedule their own study time.  Pop quizzes will help with this. 😉

Other schedules can be found at DonngYoung.org.

Carbon Lab Notebook

A carbonless lab notebook is the answer to “I lost my lab”,  “Yes I DID turn it in”.  Now I can say just hand in your lab notebook and let me see!  🙂  Sweet!  Normally I would like to use the Composition Notebook, but with only 1.5 hrs class time, once a week, it doesn’t work well.  I need to be able to take the books home to grade.

If you have lefties that hate the spiral bound, you can find a top-bound book at Rock Solid.

Another awesome lab notebook paper can be found at Donnayoung.org.

Before students can enter the classroom, their parents and students must sign a Safety Rules agreement.  You can see it here.  This is just something I did that works with our classroom.  You might need to add or delete from it.

I am excited and scared about facilitating this class.  It is my first year and Chemistry is not my best subject.  It probably isn’t even a good one. lol  I am thankful to be learning right along with the students.  My husband has graciously agreed to help me through this class.  He has lots of wisdom in this area and I hope to have him do a guest post with any question you may have.  I’ll let you know when to start asking. 🙂

Stay tuned for frequent updates throughout the year.

Have a blessed school year!

6 responses to “Exploring Creation With Chemistry

  1. This looks exciting! I can’t wait to see what you post about it.
    Buuutt I can’t view the Safety Rules agreement, or your chemistry schedule.

  2. Ok. Try it now. 🙂

    • I can view them now! I like your schedule – yep, they should be old enough to schedule out the chapter. If not… =\
      And I like that you write “co-op” and not “coop.” Always makes me think of a chicken coop, lol. 😀

  3. beneita@comcast.net

    Rachel got the lefty one!!!!

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