UP – Part 2

This two-man balloon was tagging along the entire way.  It turns out this was the owner of the company training a new pilot.  It was interesting to hear all the pilots talking to each other over their radios.  All knew were everyone was at at all times and if one balloon was slightly off track, another pilot would let them know.  It was amazing to see and hear how well they all worked together.

It was during one of these radio contacts, that this balloon let our pilot know he needed to pass us underneath.  Our pilot rose in the air to give this balloon plenty of room.


And here is a photo of the balloon as it went under us.  I have no idea how high were were.  Don’t you wish you could jump out and bounce on that?  Maybe?  No.  Ok,


The sun was behind us the whole way.  We were traveling 9 mph.  Shadow of our balloon below.


It was at this point I was leaning over the basket and thinking, “I wish we were higher.  I don’t want to see scrub bushes.”  Then I realized these are not scrub bushes, but trees.  Then I thought, “I wish we were higher…..”.  LOL


A beautiful lake as we lazily floated by.


Must do this again!


5 responses to “UP – Part 2

  1. I think bouncing on that would be fun! If it were like a lot, lot lower… like in a recessed big whole so when I fell off, the ground was only inches away…. lol. (Notice I did not say “if” haha.)
    These pics are awesome. Love the first and last best. Beautiful lake. =)

  2. Then I thought, “I wish we were higher…..”. LOL

    I think you meant lower. Fix it. Then delete this comment. LOL.

  3. Really cool photos! I love that photo of the top of the other balloon. What a neat experience. I’m so glad that you finally got to go. Let me know when you are going next time and maybe I’ll join you :).

  4. Beneita Flemmer

    I have loved going on this amazing journey with you and Sir !!! I have GOT to put this as a bucket list must do!

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