Density – Module 1

Exploring Creation With Chemistry by Dr. Jay Wile

On this day we studied density. Density is an object’s mass divided by the volume.  Formula looks like this…

Well that looks easy enough.  What is awesome about density is every substance has its own special density.   To work on this, we did Exp. 1.1 The Density of Liquids.  After following the procedure in the book, the students slowly poured in their liquids.  Each student had their own liquid to find the density of and then to pour it in a jar.

Yes, I let my students take some photos of their experiments.


The experiment called for Maple Syrup, veg. oil, and water.  Since I had five students, I added alcohol and liquid dish soap.

To properly pour liquids into the container, the students slowly poured the liquid down a glass stirring rod.  This helped keep the liquids from mixing.


Up close visual.


Here we start to see the layers.  I wish I could say this was a WOW factor, but it was more like  oh, that’s cool.   I wanted it to look like this, but it didn’t happen.  The best way to see the separate layers is to get at eye level.


It was also a lot easier to see the layers when a light is shined through it.  I don’t have a good picture of the layers, but you could see them.  The interesting part I saw was the dish soap and the water were the same density.  They did mix quite a bit, but we could still see some separation.


And of course all students much clean up after themselves.  Look at those orange slip-on shoes.  Love them!

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