Kayaking on Dixie Lake

During the weekend of our Hot Air Balloon Ride adventure, Sir Husband and I decided to take a little drive from Ivan to Dixie Lake.  We wanted to check out the lake for a possible kayaking adventure.  This is what we saw….


After a few bits of lightning and gusty winds we decided it wasn’t a good idea.


Bright and early the next morning, the weather was beautiful.  We rented two kayaks and off we went.  The rental time was for two hours, which turned out to be the amount needed to lazily paddle around the perimeter of the lake.


It was beautiful and oh so quiet.


We didn’t talk much, just enjoyed the area.


Whenever possible I paddled through the tall grasses.  That was fun.


Sadly, we did not see any gators.


We enjoyed this part of our adventure so much, it is on our to-do list when we go back.  I am sure all three girls will enjoy this.

**All photos were taken with my smartie phone.  It was taken out of a waterproof box only to take photos. I do not bring my big camera out on water.

5 responses to “Kayaking on Dixie Lake

  1. I like kayaking! Your photos are very lovely. I really like the first one but they are all nice. Glad that you had a good time. How’s that camper?? Getting a lot of use?

  2. Don’t you people have ALLIGATORS down there? **shudder**

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