Random Monday


My MIL calls me the other day to tell me a conversation she had with my 3yo niece, her granddaughter.

J:  Gammar, are my cousins your cousins?

MIL:  No.  I am their Grandmother too.

J:  Oh.  I thought Mr. Shell was their grandmother.


(Some of you may not know my name is Michelle.  Apparently, known as Mr. Shell to my nieces.  I blame their mother.)

This happened a few weeks after  a lady at the H0t Air Balloon ride asked if I had any grandkids yet.

All of this is so wrong any way you look at it. So wrong…

On a brighter note, I get to see this message, from my youngest, every day during math.


Have a great Monday!

4 responses to “Random Monday

  1. LOL, when I read your post in my reader, it did not show your apparent revision with the new info under the shocked icon. So I sat here trying to figure out what the heck it all meant. I finally did realize “Mr. Shell” was Michelle and when I clicked over, I saw that you had added the explanation.

    I think you ought to buy your niece a very loud and obnoxious toy for Christmas. Like maybe a drum set. That will teach your sister.

    Some grandmas are only 40 years old so maybe that’s what she meant :). You look great to me!

  2. It is wrong!!! I have so much grey hair and I dye it so that people don’t think that my last two are my grandchildren even though I have some……
    wonderful sign 😉

  3. Dear Mr. Shell, it seems like a compliment if your 3 year old niece thinks that you are her cousins’ grandmother. After all, 3 year old’s don’t really have it all sorted out and well, she gave you grandmother status. =D

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