Cary State Park – Hiking

My friend and I are continuing to earn a badge for the Florida Trailwalker Program. We have to hike ten trails before earning our first badge.  Why are we doing this?  Because we can and want to.

Last month we visited Cary State Forrest.  It is a very nice well kept park.  As usual, we were the only ones to visit that day.

The trail is called Nature Trail and it is only 1.2 miles.


It was an easy-peasy walk through the woods.  Nothing exciting, except for the beautiful view.  Loved this park.  They have a small tent camping area and a few picnic tables in the area where we were.


They have wooden walk-ways over the water areas.


A walk in the woods early in the morning is awesome.


We even came across a few spiders.


The hike through Cary State Forrest brings me to 4 out of 10 hikes needed for the badge.  Woot!

Next hike is at Twin Rivers State Forrest.

Go take a hike!

One response to “Cary State Park – Hiking

  1. Hike on up here to Minnesota. I need to go on a hike. I need some exercise.

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