Co-op Day

Tuesday, members of my co-op ordered boxed lunches from Firehouse Subs.  Whenever we order lunches, they always arrive during third period, which is the time I facilitate a science class.

This Tuesday my classroom door was opened and I heard lots of moving about in the hall.  I look out and there was my wonderful husband.  He had stayed home to do some work on his truck, so he came to the co-op to pick up lunch for our two girls who were home sick.  Since lunch wasn’t served until another 20 minutes. I pulled him into the classroom.

I was not going to waste this opportunity to have a nerd facilitate the class for 20 minutes.  He answered questions like, What is the name of this compound NaHCO3 (the 3 is a subscript).  Is it called Sodium Hydrocarbon Trioxide.  No that’s not it.  It is called Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda), because the HCO3 is a bicarbonate.  Whatever.  The other question he answered was how does someone split an atom.  He explained that too.

Then I had him explain The Law of Definite Proportions.  Look that up if you need to know what that is.  My point here is the students were not getting it.  They understood the naming of the NaHCO3, and the instructions on splitting an Atom, but they had trouble with this law.  I chalk that up to my awesome teaching skills.  Let’s face it, I do not speak the language of Math.  So…husband to the rescue!


And this is what the students looked like when The Husband got started.


Yeah.   It didn’t look good there for a while.  However, by the time he was done the students assured me they really understood what he was saying.  I am just going to go along with that.

On a completely different topic, I knitted a cute hat for The Violinist.



4 responses to “Co-op Day

  1. Beautiful hat!! I love the design and the colors.
    We are both very blessed to have such good hubbies. Let’s keep ’em and hold ’em and love ’em and squeeze ’em forever.

  2. Is that the Swirl Hat? I made one of those! So fun!

    Good job Geek Wrangling.

  3. Love seeing Sir Husband at that board! U are amazing my Michelle friend!

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