It’s a Privilege


We are making some changes around here.



Want a copy of the No T.V.?  Click on the photo below.

No T.V

6 responses to “It’s a Privilege

  1. Sounds like I don’t want to be in your shoes right now. Things a little rough lately?? I am sorry. Here’s a big (((((hug)))))) from Minnesota.

  2. Very NIce!!!!!! I may need this in the future with the littles……Let us know how it goes and if it motivates your girls…..

  3. Applie is hard core! You go girl!

  4. Spring Creek Academy

    Thank you! Video game time is a nasty problem here. We lost our way from non-negotiable and need to backtrack. Brilliant and simple solution.

  5. Awesome! Total support here – wish more parents took this seriously! TV & Videos have such an influence on everyone – whether it is attitudes (towards parents, siblings, authority figures, work, school…) or attention spans! KUDOS to you!!!!

  6. Beneita Flemmer

    I am going to do the same with Iphones, Fb, twit and what ever else steals attention from the task at our case, getting homework done, chores, and other such things that momma ask to be done!Good grief! That goes for netflix during break! Break between studies should be just a few, not an hour tv show! Rant over! Way to go Michelle! BTW, I love your kids….

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