Black Rock Mountain and Knitting

We drove up to the lookout point on Black Rock Mountain.  We didn’t get to do any hiking, because one of the girls was not feeling well after the curvy drive up.  We didn’t know she was in the back seat playing games on the Nook.  lol  Poor thing.

The daughter rested while the rest of us enjoyed the view.


And against my better judgement, I had a picture taken with Pea #2.  Look at her and not me, ok?


Just a little ways up the mountain we cross the Eastern Continental Divide.  I decided we needed a family photo to memorialize this momentous occasion.  I set the camera on the back of our truck, set the timer, and hauled butt back to the sign.  It worked great!  See?


We drove to the place we wanted to see.  It is a small hike from the road up to some rocks and an awesome view.  Except the view wasn’t so awesome this time due to over growth.  Still a very fine place to be.

The violinist doesn’t look so green now. 🙂


I love the rocks around this place.  So fun to climb and explore.


Now on to knitting!

In Franklin, NC is a yarn shop called Silver Threads and Golden Needles.  It is a very nice clean and bright store.  I walk in and there is a bin full of yummy yarns called PEAKS.  I was told that these yarns are hand-dyed by one of the owners.  What makes these special?  They are named after the mountains in the area and the color represents them.  The fun part is the color number is the Elevation of the mountain.  Isn’t that creative?   So, I had to get two skeins of Blackrock Knob, Elevation 4500.  Color is black and gray.


My goal is to use the yarn for the Caroline Ave. Shawl, on Ravelry.  As of right now, I should be able to start knitting after Christmas and finish just in time to pack it away for the summer.  Then pull it out the next 2 days of winter in Florida. 😀

3 responses to “Black Rock Mountain and Knitting

  1. Nice seeing pictures of the family and you, even your backside! I’d love to know more about how you are enjoying the camper. Is it comfy? Do you have all the conveniences of home? Was it a good purchase?

  2. Pretty photos, pretty family, and pretty yarn!

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