Bragging on my Sister

My sister, Dava, has been taking art lessons for a while and she has gotten pretty good at it.  She has even sketched a couple of my kids.

Here we have my youngest.  She loves the slouchy hats, but doesn’t wear them often.  This was knitted by me in a burnt orange.


And this is what Dava sketched from the photo above.  🙂


Joanna also loves the hats.  All kinds of hats.  This lovely blue/striped hat was calling her name and Joanna had to try it on.

Joanna and the hatAnd this is what Dava sketched from this picture.

Joanna sketch

After this I decided we needed to purchase the hat for Joanna and then we had another photo shoot.  It is fun to get a little goofy once in a while.


Below is a watercolor of my two sisters and me.


I love this painting.  Three sisters.  Each sister has her initial somewhere on her.  The conversation about this picture, between the three of us, went like this:

Leasa:  Michelle, did you get the painting of us yet?

Me:  Yes, I really like it!

Leasa:  Did you notice how wide Dava painted my butt?

Me:  Yes!  It was hard to miss.

Dava:  I paints ’em as I sees ’em.

Dava has painted many fun things, like door cabinets, tables, and a sink counter.  You can check out a few of her paintings on her Facebook Page DesignsbyDava.  I am hoping she will add more of her work.

Recently she enter one of her pieces in an Art Show and won third prize!

Bees in the bonnet

I am proud of her.  Way to go Dava!

I am pretty sure she gets her talent from me.  Just sayin’….

One response to “Bragging on my Sister

  1. Dava Thompson

    I have to admit this is one of your best blog posts (-:

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