Returning to Biology

That’s right!  This past school year, I have learned that I need to stick with the life sciences. I do like Chemistry, but I do not facilitate that class very well.

I have two daughters that need Biology, so what better time to return to something I really enjoy facilitating.  🙂

The 2014/2015 co-op Schedule has been added to the Get Started post, but you can also click on the photo below to get the schedule.  As always, I used Donna Young’s forms.  My schedules are for my co-op.  You will probably have a different schedule.  If you need to make changes or tweak the schedules I have, you will need to download Donna’s forms.  My schedules are in pdf format and cannot be changed.   Click on the photos to print.

Biology Schedule


Several people have asked me, over the past few weeks, how and where do I order my supplies.  If you have been here before, you know I do not like the specimen kits that can be purchased through most homeschool supply stores.  They are very dry, especially the fish.  After trying to dissect a fresh then frozen fish, I decided to shop around.  I now buy all my specimens from Carolina Biological.   To make it simple and so I don’t have to answer the same questions several times, I have made a Supply List.  It is also linked in the Getting Started page, but you can also click on the picture below.  This list is for MY class.  It may have more than what you need or it may have less than what you need.

If you have any questions on the supply list, please ask.  I do like to answer questions. 🙂

Biology Supply List

Biology Supply List

I am so looking forward to this class.  Not only do I have my two daughters in it (they are so thrilled, I’m sure), my good knitting friend’s son will be in there too.  He will make the class VERY interesting. 😉

That’s all I got for now, folks.  Come back and check out what we do in Biology.

4 responses to “Returning to Biology

  1. I don’t know what the problem is. All links are public. I shall check later today.

  2. Hello! I am teaching Apologia Biology at our co-op for the first time this year and was wondering if you could share how you grade the students.

    • Hi Julia. I basically follow what the books says to do. Labs 35%, Tests 65%. If I am using a quiz grading is Quiz 10%, Labs 35%, Test 65%. I rarely give extra credit. A very wise lady, Donne Young, their extra credit is having a smart brain. lol Any extra activities are usually graded as a lab, for example the Field Trip to the river and Edible Cells.

      To help calculate this I use 12-16 Lab WU from I like it so much, I think it should be mandatory for all Apologia textbooks. LOL I can’t decide which I like more the automatic calculations or the printable grading sheet that is giving back to the student.

      Hope that helps. I will be glad to answer anymore questions you have, but may put it in a post since my answers are usually long. 🙂

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