Printest Nailed It/Failed It – Ants


My fellow friends (that live in my computer) and I have long forgotten the Nailed It/Failed It Pinterest Challange.  Life happens.  Today I decided to post this on my own.

Ants.  We have them.  We have lots of them.  They get into our house when it rains.  They get into our house when it doesn’t rain.  They crawl up the outside of our house, down our sidewalk, and under our cars.  It’s endless.

I found on Pinterest information on how to stop ants from at least entering the house.  Use chalk.  That’s right just plain ole chalkboard chalk.  Just make a line with the chalk where you do not want the ants to cross and they will not cross the line. HA!  Yeah, right.

Weeellllll, lookie here!  I have a long line of ants crawling up the outside of our home.


I used green chalk so it is visible and look what happens!  Boom! Instant road block.  Immediately the ants start piling up at the line and will not cross it.  What I found really amazing, but you can’t see it here, the ants above the road block turned around and came back to help the blocked ants.     Unfortunately, they couldn’t cross the line either.


Just to make sure this was working, I placed another line.  Now this confused the ants more.  They could not go forward or backwards.  I was surprised to see the ants could not figure out to go left or right to get out.



And because I am mean…..


This is so totally awesome and fun!


Still don’t believe me?  Look at this “professional done” lol, video.



4 responses to “Printest Nailed It/Failed It – Ants

  1. I didn’t like keeping them trapped in the square, so I knocked them all off the wall. LOL I just checked the wall. The ant march has moved to the left of the chalk markings and making its way to where ever they are going. I guess I should get the hose out now. 🙂 This just means if you are using chalk, you have to make sure it blocks the entire way and you probably have to keep it up for a while. I think the best thing is a boot or spray. LOL

  2. Not Inadequate

    That is wild! We have had a lot of success getting rid of ants with Boric Acid. Mix 3 or 4 tablespoons of Boric Acid with 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar in a canning jar and fill with water. Mix well. Soak a cotton ball with the solution and place it where ever the ants are coming in the house. They will drink it up and carry it back to the nest and it will kill them d-e-d. Don’t be alarmed if millions come in the house to drink it – they are falling right into your deadly little trap. I have also heard that setting out self-rising flour will kill them. Apparently they eat it and then explode? I don’t know.

  3. I just learned something.

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