A Sciencey Rant

I am not a person who cleans their house.  I actually hate housework and it shows. Which is why I never want Kristy to visit my house.  It isn’t going to happen, unless our house is up for sale because then it just might be clean.

That said, I do care about other people’s property.  I make sure that the area I am visiting or the items I am borrowing stay nice and tidy. After a year off from Biology, I needed to check what slides needed to be replaces.  A class was taught late year and used the equipment, so I figured a few slides, blades, and such needed to be replaced.  So, when I opened the Biology supply bucket from our co-op, I was shocked to see the mess it was in.  This is the science cabinet that I took apart and reorganized. I had expected the supply box to be fairly clean when I opened it.

This is partly what I saw. Prepared slides that should be neatly stashed in a slide box, were just thrown in the storage bin.   Some were scratched and very dirty. Lots of things just thrown on top of them.  These slides are expensive and should be well taken care of.

20140725_202842 Dissection tools were not cleaned.  In fact, I don’t even think they made it to a sink to be cleaned.    Most of the scalpels still had blades on them and they were usually stored with the sharp side up.  Now that is what I call a safety issue.  The light colored things you see in the upper left corner are fish scales and other pieces parts.  Yes they are.

20140725_202908 So people, even if you are messy at home, please take the time to clean up after yourself when you use other people’s belongings.  Especially if you are using science equipment!

That is the end of my RANT.

Now on a slightly different topic…. I placed my order with Home Science Tools this week.  Even though I received a 10% off discount, the total came to around $2.00 over my budgeted amount.  It turns out the amount of shipping I budgeted for was a few dollars less.

I decided to look at shipping options.  I wasn’t in a complete hurry so thought the ground shipping would work better.  Turns out ground shipping was already selected. Hmmm… Looking at UPS I see the shipping is CHEAPER!  Who knew!  It brought down my order under budget by a $1.00!  AND I get it in about three days.

The lesson here is to always check for the cheapest shipping! The cheapest may not be ground shipping.

In one week, I’ll be ordering the specimens!  Woo-Hoo!


4 responses to “A Sciencey Rant

  1. Lol, you are funny. I’m bummed that I will never get to see your house. But that’s okay because we can hang out at my shiny, clean house with the pool :).

    And just so you know….other’s people messes don’t bother me. I don’t care how you live. I know some really messy people and am perfectly comfortable in their houses. As long as I know it’s a temporary thing and I don’t have to live there, I’m fine.

  2. I am not a good housekeeper either, but I absolutely take care of things that belong to me. And if by some chance, something gets broken I replace it. Shipping is outrageously expensive. I love mailing Matthew care packages, but it is almost easier just to mail him a check.

  3. Do you have a new co-op schedule to download for the 14/15 school year? Your site is incredible and a HUGE help for those of us just starting. Thanks.

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