Boone Hall Plantation

Sir Husband and I visited Charleston, SC for a few days last weekend.  Since it was our anniversary honeymoon, the kids were left at home. 🙂

We love to tour just about anything and Charleston, SC  and surrounding areas offers quite a bit of interesting places for us to visit.  Our first stop was the Boone Hall Plantation.  As with a lot of plantations, the driveway to the Big House was gorgeous!  We were told these Oaks are over 270 years old and were planted by John Boone in 1743.

Charleston SC 008

The main gate to the house was just as impressive, but I didn’t get a photo of it.  There were gardens on both sides of the home.  Absolutely beautiful.  I will post photos of it tomorrow.

Charleston SC 013

At the front door we were greeted by a volunteer to give us a tour of the home. The Plantation is privately owned, so we were not allowed to visit the upstairs or take any photos inside.  The rooms we saw were lovely, but we wished we had seen more.  I think we only saw three rooms total and that did not include the kitchen.  The kitchens are my favorite places to tour.

Charleston SC 047

This is the back few and was taken from near the river.

Charleston SC 052

The plantation once has 27 of these brick slave homes, but now only 7 remain.  The slave homes and many other buildings in the Charlotte area were made from bricks that were made by slaves on this plantation.  The 27 brick homes belonged to the house slaves.  The field slaves were house near where they worked on the plantation and the homes were less than huts.

Charleston SC 090

I can’t remember the name of this river, but it is how the plantation delivered cotton, bricks, pecans, and more to buyers. It is also how visitors arrived.  It became known as The Highway.  We enjoyed sitting on the dock here. So peaceful.

Charleston SC 092

If you ever get a chance, I recommend visiting the Boone Hall Plantation.  You won’t be disappointed.

5 responses to “Boone Hall Plantation

  1. How cool! South Carolina, huh? Did you wave at Tressa?

  2. I thought Boone Hall Plantation was in Mt. Pleasant (Charleston area), SC, not Charlotte?

  3. I only was aware because Boone Hall was a place we visited often while living in Charleston.
    Loved your article and for a second there I thought, huh Charlotte has a Plantation named Boone Hall too?

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