Enjoy the beauties!  Taken in Charleston, SC at the Boone Hall Plantation.

Check out what I found.  Florida Museum of Natural History – Florida Wildflowers and Butterflies


I don’t know what the above one is.  Anyone know?

Gulf Fritillary - Female

Gulf Fritillary – very common butterfly in Florida.

Julia - Female

Julia – Female   Found this one on the website I linked to above.  You can tell it is a female by the brown stripe on the wings.

Monarch (2) Monarch


Zebra Longwing

Zebra Longwing – Florida state butterfly.



2 responses to “Lepidoptera

  1. The butterfly you are trying to identify is a swallowtail. More specifically, it is an Old World Swallowtail, or most commonly known as the yellow swallowtail and is The Papilionidae family.

  2. Very pretty! Boone Hall is the one plantation I haven’t been to. The butterflies are amazing along that road. I love butterflies!

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