Decided to take advantage of the first couple of co-op days to get mugshots of my students.  These photos will be used in Module 11 when we discuss symmetry.

What to do:

1. Take not so great photos of your students.

2. Open shot in Paint and crop the background out.


3.  Save this copy.  I titled it Student 1 so I know it is the first one.

4. Take this same image, in Paint, and flip it.  Click on the down arrow by Rotate and click on Flip horizontal.  Save this copy.  I titled it Student 1a, so I know it is the reverse.

Flip horizontal

5.  And Wah-Lah!  You now have a two photos of the same image, but one is reversed.

Student 1

Student 1a

6.  Send all to a photo developer like Walgreens or CVS to have them printed.

7. Cut them in half, top to bottom.  I make sure I have cut the face in half, from top of head down through the middle of the nose, mouth, chin, etc.  Sometimes the student is off centered or the head is tilted, so your cut might be a little off.  Students will put together the two right sides and the two left sides.  They will end up looking something like this.

8.   It creeps out the students.  Be prepared to hear the screams.  Love it!!

Why am I getting prepared for this now?  Because one year I forgot and ended up at Walgreens three minutes before they opened, at 7:00am,  to get the photos before class started.  Walgreens was late opening up that morning and I couldn’t get the photos.  Thankfully someone else went by to pick them up for me.

Enjoy your class!

See final stage here.


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