Pond Water Experiment


Oh the smell!   Yes, letting pond water, with food source,  sit in the garage for DAYS will make it rather ripe. LOL   This is a fun class.  It is so much fun, previous students often visit.  The girl in the striped shirt, is a student from two years ago!

2014-09-08 019

New students.  Unfortunately, their pond samples did not produce organisms.  We decided it was due to the water being treated.  They were able to observe specimens the other students brought in.

2014-09-08 021

Eyedroppers were used to collect the specimens from the pond water.  Just a drop taken near the food source will usually have a large amount of organisms.

Gathering specimens

Not a great picture below, but you can see some organisms in the eddy-biddy circle.  LOL  If you could actually see in this microscope you would see a bunch of organisms swimming around.  Looked like a lot of rice wiggling around.

Micro specimens

Yes, just a drop of water has a world of its own in it.  Below is a look through a drop of water. It shows mostly the food source and you don’t see a good image of the organisms.  Tomorrow I will explain how this was done and show you the video of the organisms swimming around.

2014-09-08 006

Enjoy your experiment!


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