Because I Can’t Remember… A Pinterest Challenge

I don’t write a schedule for math.  My youngest sometimes takes two or more days to comprehend a concept.  There are months days when she has RCI (Rectal Cranial Inversion  a.k.a. butthead attitude) that she can’t even answer 5+1.  So, we just plug along…

Saxon Algebra books have their testing schedule written in the Test booklet.  For example it says, “Test 3, Covers material up through:  Lesson 12,  Give after Lesson 16”.   That’s great, but I don’t look at that booklet everyday to see if a test is coming up and those numbers do not stick in my head.  How am I going to keep up with this?  I know for a fact my youngest won’t remind me there is a test coming up!

To help my brain, I am using Post-it pads.  Got the idea from Pinterest, of course.

Downloaded 3×3 post-it note template from

Just print the template first, add fun notes on the template on your computer, stick blank post-it notes in the squares, place it in your printer and then print!  That’s it.  A warning,  make sure you know the direction your printer prints.  Insert the page so the post-it note stick part goes in first.  🙂

2014-09-11 015

To make it really fun, I found math jokes on the internet.  Some of the jokes I used I found here on Pinterest.  I really like this one.  LOL  Not really a joke, though.


After printing out my reminders, I just posted them right in the textbook on the lesson that needs to be done AFTER the test.  Since I sit with the daughter for each lesson, we BOTH will know she has to take a test.

2014-09-11 016


I nailed it!  At least this will help me from getting RCI.



5 responses to “Because I Can’t Remember… A Pinterest Challenge

  1. Brilliant idea! And I love how you made it fun as well.

  2. That is cool! Now I just need a printer that WORKS.

  3. I would be bad and just write in the book. With a marker. In Red. Lol. 😉

  4. So THAT’S how you made those awesome notes! Such an awesome idea!

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