Kingdom Protista

Exploring Creation through Biology – Module 3

For this module I like to find several videos to show the students, because they get more interested when they see the real thing in action.  I mean real as in a video of a Protista.

My favorite video is the Amoeba Feeding on a single cell organism.  It is in real time and the organism doesn’t know what is happening until it is too late.  Feel free to do what I do, start speak for the organism by screaming at the appropriate time.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Some other videos I like to share are:

Paramecium eating pigmented yeast.


Flagella & Cilia

Naegleria fowleri – brain eating amoeba  – Lisa in the comments below, mentioned the brain eating amoeba.  It is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.  I wouldn’t show this to my students unless all of them asked for it.   We live in Florida where there is abundance of water, warm weather, and water up the nose.   LOL    Here are two more links about this amoeba.  What a great way to start off your week!

Brain-Eating Amoeba – WebMD

Pathogen & Environment – Naegleria fowleri .  This one has a pathogen life cycle chart which is pretty cool.

Thanks Lisa for the mentioning the amoeba that is out to lunch! :_

This module also goes over Symbiosis Relationships.   This is where you can really shine with the kids.  Google images of the different relationships and share with our students.  Especially the Tongue Eating Louse.  Nice!

One more thing.  The Exploring Creation Through…. are know for having horrible photos on their tests.  Once the tests are printed for the student to complete, the photos are so dark the student can’t figure out what it is.   This time around I sent the following images to the parents to show the student when answer question #14 on Module 3 test.

Click on the pictures to get to the webpage they came from. 🙂





4 responses to “Kingdom Protista

  1. LOL! I would love to be a fly on the wall of your classroom when you show the “Amoeba feeding” video!! I have 3 classes this year, one is all girls…. they love this stuff the most and asked me to find the “brain-eating amoebas”. Then they vocalized for the organisms as they “had lunch in the “brainateria”! Nerdy Biology girls!! =)
    Anyway…. Thanks for the new supply of videos…. but the link to the Flagella and Cilia is “broken”. It takes the viewer back to the Paramecium video… Did you perhaps mean to link here -> ?

    Well, I’m off to teach some more about Kingdom Protista! Have a blessed day in the Creator’s Kingdom! ❤

  2. Kathleen Williams

    Can I access your quizlet with a password? I would really appreciate it as I am teaching a small co-op of 4!



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