We are in Module 4 of Exploring Creation Through Biology.  That means it is time to grow mold and hunt for mushrooms.  I am thinking since it has been raining here lately, we will have a good variety.  We did.

Since daughters are in my class they had to go mushroom hunting with me.  One was sick, so she stayed home.  Not only did I make the other one go, she had to pick mushrooms with her OWN. HANDS!!  Seriously, people I did make her pick up the mushrooms.

As you can probably see from this photo, she figured out a way to pick it up without touching it.  That, of course, was still as bad as picking it up with her OWN. HANDS.

This is the same cutie who went with me during the time I needed to collect mushrooms for a different school year.  She didn’t touch them at that time either.  Just went along for the walk and claimed she found them all and there by winning the game.

2014-09-28 002

We did find several nice mushrooms in our very own back yard.

2014-09-28 004

Once home, I let them sit on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel.

2014-09-28 006

I don’t remember what the orange ones are called, but I think they are real pretty.

2014-09-28 011

I did try to make a mushroom print, but the spores were so small and so light, it was hard to see.  I did spray them this time with hairspray and that worked very well.

2014-09-28 016

The students seemed to enjoy this experiment.  It was more hands on than the prepared slides from last week.

See the girl below?  She was partnered with my Joanna and together they found worms in their mushrooms.  Forget the lesson, forget the Basidomycota Spores, let’s look at worms!  That is just what they did.


This worm was a bit wiggly, so the girl above decided to smash it a bit. Stupid worm should have just laid there.  The photo below was taken by the girl with her smart phone.  We do not know which end this is.  It is a pretty color.


Tomorrow at co-op, we will be looking at mold.  We have some interesting mold growning this year.  Stay tuned.



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