Mold, mold, and More Mold.

We continue to study Module 4- Kingdom Fungi.  This experiment the students were required to grow mold.  They were to put something aside for about two weeks in hopes that it will grow something fuzzy.

This is our collection of goodies.  The left is homemade jello and the right is homemade whole wheat bread.  They had been sitting in the garage for about 4 days with little to no evidence of growing hair.  So we brought it in and hid it in the back of the pantry.


And this is what happened to the bread a few days later.  The jello was also finely covered in different colored mold.   So, the forgotten dark corners of the pantry is the best place to grow mold in our home. 🙂

2014-10-06 010

Students, as usual, looked at the specimens and made sketches.

2014-10-06 015

During this experiment, it might be wise to bring in surgical masks.

2014-10-06 016

Some giggled the whole time.

2014-10-06 017

Right after class we all enjoyed lunch with some friends.  Yes, lunch is right after Biology class.  It was planned that way, I am sure.

2014-10-06 019

Here is a video that I showed my class last year.  I forgot about it this year and ended up sending it as a link.  It was not shown to my daughters.  I am pretty sure one of them would be ill afterwards.

Cordyceps: attack of the Fungi

Enjoy the show!


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