Yummy Yummy Cells!

Yes!  Edible Cells!   The third fun hands on activity for Module 6 in Exploring Creation with Biology.

I did not assign this project.  Two weeks ago, our class had a visitor.  An odd visitor.  Dr. Gootenbur….  uh, I can’t even spell this person’s name.  I don’t think I can even pronounce this person’s name.  Oh well.


He decided it was a good time to hand out the Mad Science Project.  Each student was given the instruction sheet and a caution.  They were not to make a living cell.  That would be like so wrong!

My girls got busy!  Buy lots and lots of candy.

The girls

One made a boxed cake and the other made a giant cookie.  Icing was colored and spread all over the place. All.over.the.place.

2014-11-09 016

Icing and cake pieces were used to make the nucleus for one of the cells.  Once it was made one daughter announced it looked like a dung pile.  What do you think?

2014-11-10 056

A popcorn ball was purchased at Wal-Mart for 25 cents for the other cell.  It was on clearance!  Sir Husband said they had a huge cart full of them.  To me that is a sign DO NOT EAT.  ewwww…..

2014-11-09 019

Cell is beginning to appear.  Twizzlers, gummies, and icing were used.  Since this was the daughter who said the chocolate nucleus looked like a dung pile, we let her know the chocolate droppings on the mitochondria looked like frog poo.  Seriously, it does.  We have seen it on our sidewalk.   Parenting has its rewards. 😉

The making

The final product.  The cell was not alive…BONUS!

Edible Cell Display

Eight students brought in eight edible cells.  The amount of work that went to each one ranged from extreme to ….well…. next to no effort at all.  LOL  Enjoy the slideshow of these Edible Cells.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cells were displayed for all to see, enjoy….

2014-11-10 044

and vote on…

Vote 2014-11-10 039

and consumed.  Well one was so hard it would have taken a chainsaw to slice.

Rice Krispies

All students were sent home to fall into a sugar coma.  To the parents of my students, you’re welcome!

2014-11-10 076

Voting, by fellow students and facilitators,  was on the following:

  • Most Beautiful
  • Most Hideous
  • Most Peculiar
  • Most Meticulous – Picked by me.

Honestly, there wasn’t a Hideous one, but we voted on it anyway.  I have not awarded the certificates yet, so please come back next Wednesday to find out who won these categories.  In the meantime, who do you think won?

Go here to see the printables for this project.

Or visit my Etsy shop for more detailed items.


2 responses to “Yummy Yummy Cells!

  1. This was one of my daughter’s favorite projects — science and candy! She went on to become a NICU nurse and just applied to a nurse practitioner program. Hands-on homeschooling rocks!

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