Genetics and Spudoodles

This past Tuesday was our last  Biology class before Christmas break.  We are covering Module 8 – Mendelian Genetics.  Which is, genes determine traits.  Each living creature’s has two alleles that make up that trait.  One from the daddy and one from the mommy. 😀

Since we are going to continue with Module 8 when we return after the new year, I spent the class time going over genotype, phenotype, alleles, and dominant alleles and skipped the punnet squares.  To help with this and make this last class time a fun one, we made Spudoodles.   You can see what we did in 2010 and in 2013.   As you can tell in the two posts sometimes the kids are not too thrilled with this project.  Actually only two kids were NOT happy with it.  So, give this project a try, because the majority of the kids like it.   Like this year!

I updated my Spudoodle worksheet to fit this class.  I don’t think I saved a copy, but you can get the previous version here.   I put enough alleles (letters) in each bag to make sure the selection was different.  For example, I made sure some of the spuds were bald, some had 2 legs and some had 4 legs, etc.  Two of the alleles were on lime green paper.  That meant they were mutations.  One spudoodle had long skinny legs, instead of stubby thumb takes.  The other had three ears instead of 2 or 4.

The students were to pick an allele from the blue (dad) bag and one allele from the pink (mom) bag for each trait.  There were 8 traits total.

2014-12-08 018

Next the students listed what their genotype was (the two alleles), and the phenotype (hair, no hair, curly tail, etc).  Once that was done I gave them a spud with a diaper on it.  I don’t know why I did put a diaper on it, but it was funny.  I did tell the students since parents don’t get to pick their kid, the students don’t pick their spud.

2014-12-08 005

Then they were to build it using the items I provided.

  • Hair – toothpicks
  • Eyes- brads
  • Nose – gum drops
  • Ears – Gummy bears
  • Mouth – pennies
  • Female – pink straight pen for the head.  I forgot to bring bows.
  • Legs – thumb tacks and long paper clips (mutation)
  • Tail – pipecleaners

2014-12-08 007

2014-12-08 008

Most of the students had a great time with it.  Like this girl below.

2014-12-08 011

She said the worksheet was the birth certificate.  She gave it a name, DOB, time, weight, lenght, Mother and Father names, and look to the left you’ll see the spudoodles little foot print.  LOL   This has never happened in my class before. Once she did that, the others followed.  Even the boys.

spud chart

All enjoyed and didn’t mind if I took pictures.  Except for this student.  Yeah, she is excited to have her picture taken.


See, she is thrilled!   Just so you know, this is my daughter.

2014-12-08 013

Here is the family portrait!  I just realized there are four with diapers and four without and they are every other one.  That was not planned.  LOL


8 responses to “Genetics and Spudoodles

  1. I don’t see the family portrait… Where did all the baby spudoodles go? 😉

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  3. hello 🙂
    I’m a pre-service teacher from Thailand.
    I try to be a good science teacher and i want to teach a biology class in a funny way.
    But i don’t have experience much so i have to learn some activities from other teachers to fulfil my skill.
    And i found your activity, It was so great. You are creative teacher.
    I modified your activity for using as my context (Thai version) and my student like it.
    i would like to say Thank you so much for all of your posts. They are a huge help to me a lot 🙂

    Yours sincere

    • Hello Nim!

      I am SO SORRY to have missed this! Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think I have had any comments outside the United States before. 🙂

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