Paynes Prairie Perserve

The week after Christmas the family took off in Brutus and Ivan, and headed down to O’Leno State Park.

To spice up the trip, we decided to visit a place we haven’t been.  Paynes Prairie Perserve State Park in Micanopy, Florida.  This is a place that our neighbors have been telling us to go to for a couple of years.  We thought it was just a plain, flat nothing to see prairie.

2014-12-28 074

HA!  We were wrong!    Notice: This is not a zoo or theme park.  Think Jurrasic Park.


We saw lots of awesome wild life.

2014-12-28 048

And lots of warning signs.


This one is my favorite.  I think dinosaur is a better word for this area. 😀


The alligators just hang around the edge of the trail, sun bathing.   Do not feed or approach.  So we didn’t.

Paynes Praire

Birds were everywhere.  They didn’t care about the “dinosaurs”.

2014-12-28 063

Pretty prairie flowers.

2014-12-28 104

The trail we were are is called La Chua Trail.  It is a 3 mile hike round trip.  Our goal was to hike the 1.5 miles to the observation tour.  I REALLY wanted to be up in the observation tour.  I don’t mind hights.

After awhile we see the tour and to my disappointment this happened.

Yeah.  A gator is napping on the trail.  Remember the warnings, “Do not approach the wild life.”  That means we can’t pass.   :/  Look how close we got to the tower?  So close, yet so far way.

2014-12-28 090

At least we were on this side of the gator.  Those people on the other side could not return to the trail head.  As far as I know, they are still there. LOL

That’s not a very close up picture of the fella.  Here, get a closer look.  I may have been a little closer than 20 feet.  I did zoom in with the camera, so maybe 10 feet away.  I wanted to walk around him, but Sir Husband said no.

2014-12-28 094

After watching this lazy butt stay there for a while, we turned and walked back.

2014-12-28 117

We are making plans to camp at the campground there and then I can visit the alligators all I want.  Hopefully next time we will get to see Bison and wild horses.  Now that would be awesome.

2014-12-28 111

Now get outside and go for a hike.  God’s creation is to be admired. 😀


2 responses to “Paynes Prairie Perserve

  1. I think we are gonna take a drive next weekend. We are having fun taking drives and exploring the area. And we are dying to see some gators for ourselves. Wild ones. Just lying on the path. That would make my day.

  2. Very nice! I will have to visit this park for sure!

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