Module 8 – Continued

We continue with Module 8 – Genetics in Exploring Creation with Biology.  I made the schedule in such a way that gave the students three weeks off for Christmas.  We went over the first half of the module before the break, made Spudoodles, and had a mini-vacation.  They did have required reading just before returning and I must say they did a great job.

This week we worked on Punnet Squares.  Experiments 8.2 and 8.3 are not required lab write-up, because I have the students filling out a worksheet during class time.  That means no homework other than the test for the rest of this week.  That makes happy students. 🙂

We have been blessed with an Intelliboard at co-op.  I have in the past used it as it should be, an interactive board.  However; our internet connection at co-op is not reliable and most of the time I can’t get the board and my computer to talk.  So, I now use it as a projector and a white board.

I had plans on taking pictures of the students doing their work, but we got very busy, very fast and I forgot.   You get to look at blank Punnet Squares.  lol

In Power Point, I created three Punnet Squares.

All punnet squares

Since the Intellaboard is a regular white board also, I was able to project these on the board and write over the squares.   We went over several examples and I emphsized how  Dr. Wile’s likes to ask questions.

For example:  If the trait is Large and the genotype is LL = large  Ll = large  ll = small.  If the question is,  if a heterozygous large tree crossed with a homozygous tree, the student is going to need to know the difference between heterozygous and homozygous.  It makes them put on their thinking caps. 😀

Done with the tip.

For the assignement, each student has Punnet Square worksheets.  You can print them from here:  1×1 square    2×2 square     4×4 square

punnet square 4x4

I forced each student to participate, which meant they had to come up to the board and fill in two squares. 🙂 Each student filled in their worksheet also.  They did a very good job with it. After completeing the squares, they worked on the percentage problem.  The outcome was written at the bottom of the page.

Here is photo of a 4×4 Punnet Square.  Yes, this is the actual student’s worksheet with the correct answers.   You can find the answers for all of the squares in the Solution Manual under Module 8.


Easy-peasy A for this experiment.  The students concentrated on the work instead of writing up a lab that really didn’t need to be written up.   That’s my opinion anyway.

Experiment 8.4 was skipped for lack of time.  No one wants to do an experiment during a Christmas break.

Now we are skipping Module 9 for the time being and heading over to Module 10 – Ecology.  That means I need to work on my larger than life food web.

What are you doing in Biology right now?





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