Module 10 – Ecology

Once again we got busy in class and I forgot to take pictures.  We didn’t do anything extra special with this module.  I did some research on the Australia Rabbit problem and found some interesting information.  I have linked here to several of the sites I visited.

Animal Control Technology   – very interesting read on the rabbits biology, breeding, and population control.

Feral Rabbits in Australia

Rabbit-proof Fence – Wikipedia, which I don’t like to use, but couldn’t find anything else on the history of the fence without getting information on the movie.

This is my favorite photo. 🙂

List of favorite YouTube videos for Mutualism.

Ant Army Defends Tree

Goby Fish and Shrimp

The second class day of this module was devoted to the four cycles: The Water Cycle, The Oxygen Cycle, The Carbon Cycle, and The Nitrogen Cycle.  It was boring.  I am being honest here, it was just plain boring.  So, to get the students to stay awake, I had them come to the board and fill in the blanks.


Always love seeing the sketches. LOL  As I have said before, if I can tell what it is, I am good with it.  😀


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