Hey Wife! Look what I got out of ……

the neighbor’s garbage!

Yes, that is what I heard one day last September and this is what he pulled out of the garbage.


A Universal sewing maching.


It even came with the manual and a blow out image of all the pieces parts.


I immediately texted my friend, Georgeann, and asked if this should go back to the garbage.  She said she would take it off my hands if I wanted to get rid of it, which told me I should keep it. LOL

Georgeann is an awesome seamstress and she has started her own business of repairing sewing machines.  So, I went to her house to show her my garbage machine.  Parts of it wasn’t working.

Georgeann tinkered with it in her shop.  Turned the knobs this way and that way.


Took off the top to have a look at the parts, clean it and oil it.


She also wiped down the outside and checked under the machine.  That machine is REALLY heavy!

20141010_102342 20141010_102108

While she did all the work, I looked around her shop.  She had this really cute tool tray that makes her really organized.  I liked it so much I bought a smaller version for myself.  That’s all I got, a tool tray.  No tools, no brushes, no anything.  One day it will be filled and my husband will not be allowed to use any of my tools.


Besides a really cool tool tray, she has a collection of really nice old machines. LOTS of old machines.


Lots and Lots of machines.  All working or getting ready to be.  This is just a fraction of the machines she has in her shop.  I wish I had take some pictures in the back.  So many awesome machines.


She has some in her house too.  My favorite one is from the 50’s and I forgot to take a picture of it!  I’ll have to have her send me a photo of it, so I can share it with you.  She offered to sell it to me, if she decided to sell it.   I sadly said no because I don’t need it.  It is now February and all I have done with this garbage machine is make a few practice stitches.  I also have a cheap plastic machine and an old Singer White Machine.

Summers coming, maybe I’ll have more time to sew something then.  I’ll be sharing more about this machine later.  It has some great features.

2 responses to “Hey Wife! Look what I got out of ……

  1. You should buy the really old machine for me. I like really old machines. You should also take me on a field trip to this place! I like to work on stuff like that. And for all your troubles, I will teach you how to sew. 😉

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