Crayfish – In All Its Glory!

Wow.  Didn’t realize it has been over a MONTH since I last posted.

We continue our dissection series with the Crayfish.  As I have said before, I get our specimens from Carolina.   They come in a well sealed bucket and the specimens are awesome.

2015-02-09 001

Below I am handing out the crayfish to the students.  Please note two things:  The beautiful specimen and the expression on daughter’s face.  The specimens are in excellent color and shape.  They are something to oooh and awwww over, but my daughter just does not understand that.

After this experiment, I excused the daughter from future dissections.  The poor thing could not eat for the rest of the day and looked rather green.  I never thought I would excuse any student, especially one of my kids, from dissections.

2015-02-09 013

Obliviously some legs were removed from the crayfish below.   Not everyone is disgusted by them. LOL   First line of business is to examine the exterior.

2015-02-09 027

Then we have a look at the inside.  With some effort the Carapace is removed from the body.

2015-02-09 030

2015-02-09 033

Gills and other pieces parts are exposed and examined.

2015-02-09 031

More examination of the parts.  Sketches and labels are done.

2015-02-09 037

And then it looks like the Crayfish just exploded.   What can I say?  When the students begin they usually don’t stop until there is nothing left.   Except for my daughter who did as little as possible. 🙂

2015-02-09 036

I did not use photos in a PowerPoint this time, but I do have some nice photos you can use.  I will post them  in a few days after I have posted about the Perch and Frog.  You may save them and use them for your classroom, if you wish.



2 responses to “Crayfish – In All Its Glory!

  1. I am sorry but to be frank,this is unnerving. Have you ever heard of Specisism? People that do dissections like this, later end up working in the pharmaceutical industry dissecting animals alive while the animals are on drugs that put them to sleep. This is where it starts. I know in some circumstances that this is necessary in order to find out what’s inside, but for people to smile like its “enjoyable” there is something very wrong with this. These were living creatures once that were probably just killed in order for science dissection to take place and that to me, speaks on so many negative levels on human empathy.

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