A Hunting We Will Go…

One of the big projects I have the Biology students do for months is insect collecting.   All students are required to obtain, classify, and pin to a board 30 insects.

This project is announced early in the year, so the kids can start looking.  Here in Florida it is usually easy to find insects, so I do not accept the excuse that they couldn’t find any.  Really? In Florida!

To help with the hunt, I took the students on an optional Field Trip to a local park.  This park is known for its bugs, except for this day. :/

Camp Tomahawk 001

Here is the group heading down the path.   As you can see, this looks like it would be a great place for a hunt.

Camp Tomahawk 004

We looked high and low and found only iddy biddy bugs.  These bugs were so small we had to put them in bags to pin them to the board.

Here I am trying to coax a few critters to give up their life for the insect board.  It didn’t work.  Yeah, they knew we were coming…

On a brighter note, I am sporting my new day pack, Osprey Sirrus 24 in Summit Blue.  It is bright for my outdoor adventures, but it was the only pack that would fit me.  Ignore the ugly pink shirt.

Camp Tomahawk 012

We get to a bridge and I want a group picture.  While posing a bug flies into our vicinity.  One student takes advantage of the situation.

Camp Tomahawk 025The bug tries to escape by flying from a student’s face to my face.  The student in the hat, does not give up and doesn’t care he is about to smack his teacher in the face to get the insect.  Since I love students who don’t give up, I can handle the smack. 😀

Camp Tomahawk 026

Finally!  Bug in jar and photo taken.  Hooray!

Camp Tomahawk 028

Even though this was a moderately unsuccessful bug hunt, the trip as really nice. The weather was great, the kids had fun, the flowers are pretty, and I got to wear my new pack. Thumbs up all around. 😀

Camp Tomahawk 036

Get outside!


2 responses to “A Hunting We Will Go…

  1. Not Inadequate

    I wish I could send my kids to you for Science, Michelle. You rock.

  2. Hmm. That would be my kiddo in the hat smacking his teacher! Want me to smack him back for you? It looks like the kids had a great time! We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s fun!

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