Module 1 – Physical Science

At the end of July and the first two weeks of August, the family went to Wisconsin for a vacation.  During that time, I missed the Kick Off Party at the co-op.  First time in nine years!   Then on the way home, I got sick and had to miss THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!  Ug…first time in nine years.

The photos you see here today are not mine.  Thanks to  Jen Mauser at A Knitterary Life for stepping in on the first day of class and for taking pictures.

Experiment 1.1   Atoms and Molecules

The kids like this experiment because there are bubbles and change of color.  🙂

They used black electrical tape to attach the exposed copper wires to the battery.


Both terminals needed their own wires.


I have no photos of the actual experiment in progress, but here is a lovely sketch of what happened.  The sketch is not required, but some of the students love to do the sketches anyway.

You can see in the sketch how the wires were attached to the battery, change of color on one of the wire ends in the water, change of color in the water, and the bubbles.  I call this an awesome sketch!  To top off all this awesomeness, there are LABELS!


The students learned the electrical current through the water caused some of water molecules to break down into oxygen and hydrogen.  These two are gasses causing the bubbles.

The copper wire on the positive terminal interacted with the water molecules and baking soda molecules causing the copper wire to turn a blueish color.  The blueish/greenish color you see is called Hydroxycarbonate.

Hope you enjoyed this experiment as much as my students did.  Wish I had been there!

One response to “Module 1 – Physical Science

  1. I’m kind of glad you weren’t, because that means I was able to do it with the kids! Science isn’t my forte, but we all had a great time! Thanks for allowing me the chance to help out!

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