A Playground Wall

The Salvation Army asked participants to design a mural for their playground wall.   Joanna entered two designs. One of them was selected and they asked her to design the other two walls.  Around 1,300 square feet of wall!  It tells a story of transition and hope.

The first step was to grid the wall.  We are thankful Joanna’s art teachers, Children’s Art Classes, were there to help.

20160720_145906 (2)

Next step Joanna and I sketched out her work.  It was sunny and hot that day.


Step 2:  Time to paint!  Mixing and mixing and mixing of paint to get the colors just right.

20160806_075638 - Copy

Lots of wonderful volunteers showed up.  The girl sitting down was a huge help in mixing the colors.

20160806_081734 - Copy

More mixing of paints.  The lovely lady below, sitting with Joanna, is a co-worker of my husband.  She saw the story in the Salvation Army newsletter and volunteered herself and brought the smiling faces you see above.  🙂

20160806_081743 - Copy

Young volunteers!


Looking good!


Friends, co-workers, Salvation Army workers, art students, and residents came out to help.  The time went quickly and all had fun.


One more day and this wall will be done!  Then on to the next wall.

2 responses to “A Playground Wall

  1. That is really cool. If we weren’t on vacation, I might have helped. Maybe the next wall!

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