FAQ -Biology Class



Can you send me the Biology schedule in a format that I can change?  No. The Pdf format is all that I can give you.  If you need an editable schedule, please visit www.donnayoung.org.

Can you change the schedule form for me?  No.  See above

Is subscribing for DonnaYoung.org worth it?  Yes! I get most of my forms from her site.


Where do you get your supplies?
Textbook and Solutions from Rocksolidinc.com  I do not buy the CD, Audio, or Flash Cards, but I do know they have helped some students.  It depends on your needs.
3-ring notebook
– 1″wide, for graded lab write-ups – Where ever it is cheapest.
Basic Lab Form – Donnayoung.org !  I’d rather use a Meade Composition book, but that doesn’t work when we meet only once a week. 2015 and beyond I have the students type them up.
Plain paper for sketches – Office Depot
Colored pencils – Cheapest place
Dissecting Tool Kits – HomeScienceTools has great prices on dissecting tool kits. They also have great prices on individual pieces.
Styrofoam Meat Trays   I prefer the meat trays you get in the meat department at the grocery store.  The only reason I like them better than the dissecting trays is because of the cleaning and after awhile they get really stinky.   We get the meat trays free from Winn-Dixie and Publix grocery stores.   I double the trays for the frog.


Where do you buy your specimens?  worm, crayfish, perch, frog ordered from Carolina.org   2016 – Carolina no longer ships the perch to your resident.  This year, we are going fishing. 🙂

Why don’t you buy your specimens from Home Science Tools?  You can find that answer  here.  Tools, I’ll buy.  Specimens, no way.

Do you reuse your scalpels or replace them with a new blade after each specimen?  We use new blades.  After breaking four “used” blades on the perch in previous years, I have decided we should use new blades for each specimen.

Isn’t that expensive? It only costs $2.00 for a package of ten. 

How do you dispose of the specimens when you are done?  Aren’t they harmful to the environment?  The specimens are not classifiable as federal hazardous wastes and do not represent a biohazard. After they have been displayed to the co-op members about to have lunch, the specimens go right into the dumpster.

Lab Write-ups

Could you explain what you require in a formal lab report and if you feel that all labs lend themselves to a formal write up?   The answer to this question was so long, I decided to make it a separate post.  It will be posted Friday (tomorrow).


I saw mentioned on one of your posts about PowerPoint presentations or images; are you able and willing to share these?  I can’t share these for two reasons.  1.  Some of the photos and videos are from the internet.  I can’t legally share those and I don’t keep them.  2. My Powerpoints are like looking at someone else’s shorthand notes and you have to ask them to explain everything.  LOL   It would take me forever to make the notes for others to understand.   Mostly they are just photos or charts of what I want the students to see.

Here is an example of what I do.  This is my photo of a mushroom from my neighbor’s yard.  Each of these words appear, one at a time with a click of a button.


And here is another one.  Also my photo.  I got tired of jumping from one student to another trying to help them find what they were supposed to find.  Having worm guts on a big screen is a huge help! I just point my green laser at what they need to find.  If they still can’t find it, then I help them.



Will you make a list of the YouTube videos you use for each module?  I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube.  Yes, I will do that, but please give me a few days to compile them.  Videos of God’s creation in action is a great way to get the student’s attention and help them to understand.  That is why I love YouTube.  I hate Youtube because of all the unwanted (should never been in vides to be begin with) video advertisements.  Please be careful when viewing YouTube.


Will you make a list of all the extra fun activities you do for each module?  Yes, but it will take me some time to gather them all in one place.  In the meantime, you can find links to different posts in the Biology tab, under the Apologia Sicence tab above. 




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  1. Helpful explanations. Thank you!

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