What I have been doing…

It has been over a month since my last post.  Today we will be starting Module 4 in Biology and I have one new student.  That makes a whopping total of FOUR.  LOL  Love having a small class. 😀

Besides schooling, the playground wall is what keeps me busy.  Last week I had to go there four days.  Monday we prepped the third wall to be sketched and continued painting the first wall.  Wednesday we sketched the third wall and discovered we made a HUGE mistake with the grid.  Took another hour erasing what we sketched and fixed the grid.  Thursday we resketched and continued painting the first wall.  Thanks to my super awesome Mother-In-Law, Jan, the third was sketched in just a couple of hours on Thursday.  She was also the one to figure out what was wrong with our grid.  🙂


Saturday was Volunteer Day!

Joanna, Nicholas (volunteer), and I arrived bright and early; a few hours before the volunteers arrive.   Joanna mixes paints, fixes our sketch mistakes, and does touch ups.




This day we had 15 volunteers.

Some were friends from another County.wp-1474754286323.jpg

Some were from the Navy and the Army.wp-1474754267902.jpg

Some were employees of the Salvation Army and United Way.wp-1474754319260.jpg

We have enjoyed working on the playground wall and meeting all the volunteers. This project could not have been done without the volunteers help.  It is hard work, especially with the hot sun and no shade.  Lots of water and sunscreen are needed!  It is well worth it.  🙂  Hopefully, this will all be done in about a month.

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