Getting Started

Apologia:  Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition

Exploring Creation with Biology

My favorite place to shop for textbooks is at Rock Solid.  No, I do not receive any favors for posting this link. 🙂

dissecting animals

A sample of quizzes are available.  Made by me to make sure the students have read what they are suppose to.      

 Schedule:  I am very sorry, but I have accidentally deleted ALL of my schedules from Google Drive.  I have no idea how I did that, but I did. 😦   I am currently working on a schedule for 2018-2019 and will be posting it later this week.  

  • The planner I used for my schedule  is the Science Planner at
  • 2018-2019 Biology schedule   NEW!!    PLEASE keep in mind this schedule is made for the co-op I am facilitating at.  It may not work for your home studies or your co-op, but it might give you an idea of what to do.   This is my last year facilitating any science class and I am going out with a bang.  I have 19 students!  Yes, 19!  The most I ever had was eight. 😀

You can find other Apologia Co-op schedules at

NOTE:  I have gotten several requests to send the above schedules in a format that can be tweaked.   If you need an editable schedule, please visit to download the Science Planner.

Grader: 12-16 Lab WU, by none other than Donna Young.


Textbook and Solutions
3-ring notebook
– 1″wide, for graded lab write-ups
Lab sheets from none other than Donna Young! Basic Lab Form I’d rather use a Meade Composition book, but that doesn’t work when we meet only once a week.
Plain paper for sketches
Colored pencils
Specimens: worm, crayfish, perch, frog ordered from
Dissecting tool kit, provided by co-op
HomeScienceTools has great prices on dissecting tool kits. They also have great prices on individual pieces, if you need to replace some of what you already have.
Specimens, earthworm, frog, perch, and crawfish is the only place I buy my preserved specimens. **We no longer do the perch dissection, because it is illegal to send it to Florida.  We will be using online photos and a worksheet that I will make up.



57 responses to “Getting Started

  1. Does anyone know what the diff. is between the 2 editions? I am going to start biology w/ anuthoer family next yr. she has the 1st edition but I will need to buy one and quite frankly I’d rather not buy an out dated one. My ds will need to use this and my dd will also in about 4 yrs. Wondering what the big differencs is.

    • There are several differences. In new edition the Own Your Own questions and the experiments are highlighted in different colors. There are a few more experiments and I think, but not sure, some of the questions are different. You can not use the first edition and the second edition in the same classroom. The pages, figures, and experiments do not match up. In my opinion, since you have more children, I would not use the first edition. It is out dated. Hope that helps. You can buy the second edition used, so the other person could buy one cheaply. Just a thought.

  2. Hello, We are getting ready to begin the Biology course and just now am seeing your co-op. Are these open to join? And how would someone join or begin such a thing? Thanks much! Aisha

    • Hi Aisha,
      This is not the co-op. I am just talking about the class I facilitate at our co-op. If you are interested in joining a co-op, you’ll need to contact a group in your area. has a page for each state with lots of information. Start there. 🙂

  3. Thanks! Lots of stuff to wade through as far as opportunities go! We are just now getting started homeschooling back in the US. We have been gone a very long time and so much has changed! 😀 Thanks for all your help! And thank goodness for Apologia! I wish they had more to offer than just science and bible!

  4. Is it possible to have you email me your current schedule in a format that I can edit. I like the way you have it set up only our lab day will be Thursday so I could use it with minor changes. 😉 THANKS

  5. I just sent it to you. 🙂

  6. I would like to use your quizzes. How do I do this? Thank you

  7. My daughter would like to do the quizzes. Could I get the password? Thanks! (:

  8. My daughters are using the Apologia Biology this year and I would truly appreciate access to your quizzes. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work!

  9. could i please have the passwords for the quizzes?
    thank you

  10. Hi!

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’d love the quizzes!


  11. Jennifer Bullock

    I will be facilitating a Biology co-op class next year. We will be meeting on Thursdays. Your schedule is great, only I need to tweek it to fit us a little better. Could you please send me a copy of it that I could edit? MANY thanks for the wonderful info that’s available here. It is awesome! Look forward to working with you! LOL!

  12. Does the class you are facilitating meet once a week or more than once? Thanks for all your blog posts – very helpful!

    • The class meets once a week for 1.5 hours. We mainly use the class time for experiments and a little bit of lectures. The students are responsible for reading and taking tests outside the classroom. If I feel it is necessary we will meet at a library for extra student/facilitator time. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions. 🙂

  13. This is such a blessing to us!! We were feeling a little lost and your blog will certainly help clear the fog! Could we also use the quizzes that you have listed here?

  14. Schedules for 2013-2014?

  15. We are doing the Apologia Biology, and the Apologia Chemistry this year. I am looking forward to any of your chemistry notes that you can provide. I was wondering if you could e mail the password for the biology quizzes as well. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and making that available publicly to help those of us who are new to homeschooling.

  16. Just found your site.I will be teaching Apologia biology this year.May I have the password for your quizzes?Thanks so much.

  17. I am so excited you have done all this. I appreciate your willingness to share. I will be teaching my daughter and possibly having a co-op with another family. Your blog is so helpful and encouraging for me. is it possible to get the password for your quizzes, please. Thank you so much.

  18. So I saw module 9 is skipped this year. I noticed you seem to go back and forth on this. Can you elaborate? Also when, if you do, do you do the fetal pig?

    • The only time I did Module 9 was the first year of facilitating Biology. I may have done it the second year, I can’t remember right now. Our local homeschool support, H.E.R.I., offers testing at two different locations. It is always on a Monday and a Tuesday for two consecutive weeks. Our co-op meets on Tuesday, so one of those Tuesday most, if not all, of my class is out for testing. The other Tuesday more students are out. It is easier for me and my students to skip over Module 9. There are no experiments in that module and it is something they can read on their own if they want to. I have one or two movies for the students to watch, which correspond a little with the module.

      The fetal pig was also done the first year I facilitated. It was done at the end of the year. The class times is so short, we barely got to look inside. Lack of time, lack of interest from the students, parent’s not wanting to buy a pig, and that it is not required caused me to not offer pig dissection again. 🙂

      I hope that helps!

  19. I was just wondering if you are still giving out the password to the Module quizzes? I sent an email but haven’t received a reply just yet.

  20. Jennifer Kendrick

    This is a wonderful resource! Thank you so much for providing all of this. I was wondering about how much time students spend outside of the class meeting days on reading and homework etc? Also, could I have the password for the quizzes? Thanks

    • Jennifer, I am so sorry for not answering this. I missed your comment. I will email you the password in a few minutes. The amount of time spent outside the classroom depends on the student. I would say 30 to 60 minutes per school day. If it is just reading, could be less than 30 minutes, if they have an experiment could be more than 60 minutes. Hope that helps.

  21. This is great! Thanks for putting this all together. Getting ready for this course in the Fall 2015. Could I also get the password for the sample quizzes?

  22. This is awesome! I am using this for my 15 yr old this year and would also love the quizzes. Thanks for doing this!

  23. Barbie Whitefield

    Hi! I am new…just joined….been looking through everything on the site. Love it! I have no idea how you find time to teach and do this, I just know I *hope* you find a way to keep up the great work. I am doing Apologia Biology at co-op for first time in the fall. I am a botany person, so Kingdom Plantae and I are old friends, but I will have to do some intense summer study on the rest. ANYWAY, just wondering, will you be doing biology in the fall …and do you plan to eventually upload a schedule for it if so? I ask, because I was going to use the older schedules as a guideline to make my own, but I will wait to see your updated version if you plan on making one. Eventually. 🙂 Thanks!

    Oh, and I would like to check out the quizzes!

    • Hi Barbie! Thank you for visiting my blog. This year has really been tough, as you can tell from the lack of posts. I just finished one co-of and next week will be my last for the second. 🙂

      Yes, I will be teaching Biology again next year. BUT, I will only have two students and I have some super fun activities swimming around in my head. One being camping on the beach as a field trip.

      I should be able to work on the schedule this week and post it soon. It will be a 32 week schedule. We start mid-August and meet once a week.

      I will email you the pasword in a few minutes. Have a great day!

  24. Barbie Whitefield

    Awesome! I know your busy, and the current school year is still in session for a few weeks….so no rush! I just decided to start preparing early for the upcoming school year. WAAAY early. Maybe too early? My ways of the past have consisited of too much “oh no! We start in two weeks! I should put something together.” behavior, so I am determined to turn over a new leaf.

    Our co-op will run a 34 week course and we will meet twice a week. I believe looking at your layout will help tremdously since you have experieince teaching the course in the past. I’ve never had that advantage on planning so I am thrilled have some sort of guide….or comparison for once. Thanks so much!

  25. Hello,
    This will be our first year doing Biology, and I was wondering if you think it is feasible to do a co-op in only 16 weeks (meeting every other week for two hours) rather than weekly. We would basically go over the materials read for the module, and do a few experiments. Everything else would be done at home.

    If so, are there modules/experiments we should skip?
    Thank you!

  26. Are you still letting others get a copy of your co-op schedule that they can edit? I will be facilitating an Apologia Biology co-op class for 2016-17 and we meet on Thursdays. Your schedule is wonderful, but I would need to tweek it to fit our co-op. MANY thanks for sharing, if you still will! 🙂

  27. We are doing this in co-op this year. We will have 24 weeks, meeting weekly for about 45 minutes to an hour. The plan is to have the kids read and do the work outside of class and do the experiments during class. Are there any experiments you would skip or chapters that can be left out or gone over quickly? and any tips or tricks you would be willing to share 🙂

  28. do you suggest the dvd that comes with the curriculum if you are not teaching yourself? or will the student be able to self study?

  29. Debbie B Black

    Hello there…I have been teaching Apologia Biology for several years at a co-op. I want to begin teaching it with an optional Honors track. Do you have any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!!

    • Hi there. Sorry it has taken me months to reply. I consider it an honors course when the students have completed all their OYO questions, study guides, and tests in the textbook. Along with that they also have insect board to complete, an outdoor field trip with homework, and edible cell project. They also see various extra videos and other information that I can find. There are extra activities and information in the bookextras of the Apologia website. Hope that helps. 🙂

  30. 2016/2017 Biology schedule link doesn’t work. Is there a place I can find this resource? Pray for me– I am dreading biology. 😦

  31. Angela Strubbe

    Good evening. I will be facilitating Apologia Biology for our homeschool co-op this year. Very nervous! I was trying to view your biology schedule link for 2016/2017, but it wouldn’t work. Would you be able to email it to me? Also, when I followed the link to your Etsy store, I didn’t see any of the available materials to purchase (quizzes)? Am I missing something:) Thanks!

    • Hi Angela, My computer crased and at the same time I ended up deleted the schedules from Google Drive. I have no idea how I did that. Anyhoo, I am currently working on a schedule for 2018-2019 school year and should have it completed by the end of this week. I will post it then. My Etsy shop has closed. I am sorry for the inconvience. Let me know if there was something you were looking for. Blessings!

  32. Thank you for sharing all of you hard work and experience! I would love the quiz password!
    Blessings to you!!!

  33. Hello, I am trying to access your Etsy shop as well as the Bio 2nd ed schedule. I am unable to do so. Do you happen to have a new link? I’m willing to purchase both. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  34. Hello! Like Angela, I will be teaching this Biology for the first time at our homeschool coop and would be so helpful if I could use your schedule to create my own, since you have experience and seem to have gotten it down to “a science”!!! I would also love to use the quizzes you created, if possible.

  35. Thank you for sharing this! I am teaching Biology for the first time in out co-op and I have five students. I’m a nurse by training and my kids are in elementary so your blog is a lifesaver for me.

  36. Why do you perfer for the specima s? Did you have a bad experience with the other company?

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