Module 10 – Ecology

Module 10 – Ecology  2009/2010

All the students were back in class today.  🙂  We had no project or experiment to do, so I just lectured.  We tried to watch a few videos on Animal Odd Couples, but the videos wouldn’t down load fast enough.  I sent the link out to the students to watch at home.  Some of it is really interesting, but there is some evolution in a few of them.


Again there are no projects for this module.  We passed over Experiment 10.1 because I have yet to get that one to work.  Besides all of the students did that same experiment in their Physical Science class last year.  🙂

Instead, I had them concentrate on making a food web.  This was a lot of fun and confusing too.  While I was preparing for this project, I noticed the arrows in the Biology book are backwards.  Arrows should point to where the energy is flowing to.  I forgot to email Apologia and ask about this, but will do it soon.

This project needs to be tweaked for next year. 🙂

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