Module 7 – Cellular Reproduction and DNA

Extracting DNA from Peas

We had a hard time seeing each of the phases under the Mitosis Onion root.  Here is a good article with photos for each stages, if you are having trouble.    Mitosis Onion Root

Plant Cell Division Shows the membrane vesicles down the middle of the cell that is dividing.

Animated version of Meiosis

I hope these videos will be of help to someone.

Mitosis with play dough.

Semester Exam  (2008 only)

The last day of co-op before the Christmas break was filled up with the semester exam.  We only got through Module 8; therefore, I only used 1.5 of the quarter exams given in the solutions book .  The week before the test, we played games to answer questions.  Some of the questions I used for the games, came directly off the exam.

The game we played was ping-pong darts. :) There were three groups of questions, I wrote on index cards.  Easy, Medium, and Hard.  If the student threw the ping-pong ball and it landed in the outside area, a hard question was given.  Moving towards the center, the questions got easier.  Sneaky, I know. :) Prizes were handed out to the winners.   The students had a lot of fun with this.

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