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Camping with Friends

To make this camping trip more fun for the girls, Sir Husband said we could invite some friends.   We invited three sisters to float down the Ichetucknee.  Yes, Sir Husband was trapped with seven females in the camper. Six of them are drama queens.  We all know I am not a drama queen. 🙂

We arrive at the campground and start setting up.  These girls have never been camping, so everything was new and exciting.  It was so fun to watch them as we set up.  I still cannot figure out why cranking down the stabilizers was so fascinating.  lol


The first night the girls watched the first Hobbit movie, ate hotdogs, giggled, giggled, and giggled.  It’s a lovely sound.

Early the next morning, we head out to the springs.  The girls opted to have double rafts, while the husband and I got singles.  It was very comical to see us driving down the street looking like this.



The way tubing works on the  Ichetucknee Spring, is your party is dropped off at the beginning of the spring and the driver takes the car to the end point.  Once at the end point, a van returns the driver back to the beginning.  While Sir Husband was busy parking the van at the exit, the girls  and I waited.  I was able to talk them into swimming in the Head Spring while I waited with the rafts.  The water is a constant 72 degrees, but at 8:30 in the morning, it felt a lot colder.


Finally we head out.  The girls had a blast!  Things they saw, jumping fish, Heron, turtles, alligator, and an otter.20140620_094309


It was a good thing Sir Husband and I had separate floats.  At the beginning, I ended up in areas I wasn’t suppose to be in, found myself having to lay flat to float under a very low branch, and actually got stuck on top of seaweed.  Close to the half way point, I started acting like I knew what I was doing and I so enjoyed the lazy movement of the spring.


After 3 hours of tubing, we head back to the camper to do a little hiking.  A little hiking, because it was hot and buggy.  The tree below is one that we always sit on when we visit O’Leno State Park.



Next morning the girls decide to have a mean game of UNO while their breakfast is being made. Fun game!



I tried to get a picture of all of them in the back room that has the four bunks.  It wasn’t easy, especially since they were reading Susanna’s story and I am not allowed to read it, therefore; band from the room.   We had four girls in this bedroom and the two oldest on the fold out sofa in the living room.  Since the bed touches the kitchen cabinet, I had to step over the girls to get to the coffee or other area of the kitchen. My morning routine sounded like this, “Excuse me girls.  Oh sorry, didn’t mean to step on your feet.  Excuse me, excuse me.  Coming back through, excuse me, excuse me……”    They love me for that morning wake up call.



We enjoyed it so much, we have invited them to go camping with us again.   Camping is more fun with friends.

Tallulah Gorge

One of our favorite spots to visit and camp is at Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia. We camped there last year in Phil and this year we camped in Ivan.  First thing we do is head down the trail to the overlooks.   Here are my girls sporting their new knitted hats by me.  It really wasn’t cold enough for hats, which was a shame.  The days were a beautiful mid 70’s and the nights were in the 60’s.  I was hoping for 40’s.  Maybe next year.


This area is called Hawthorne Pool.  The colors were not as colorful as they were last year.  I think we missed the peak season by one week. Still beautiful, though.


Another view.  Sir Husband and I walked down this way during a full moon.  It was amazing.


Some more views.  Really, who would get tired of looking at this?


Sir Husband at an overlook.


And The Violinist at another overlook.


Yep, I’d like to live near here.  🙂

Kayaking on Dixie Lake

During the weekend of our Hot Air Balloon Ride adventure, Sir Husband and I decided to take a little drive from Ivan to Dixie Lake.  We wanted to check out the lake for a possible kayaking adventure.  This is what we saw….


After a few bits of lightning and gusty winds we decided it wasn’t a good idea.


Bright and early the next morning, the weather was beautiful.  We rented two kayaks and off we went.  The rental time was for two hours, which turned out to be the amount needed to lazily paddle around the perimeter of the lake.


It was beautiful and oh so quiet.


We didn’t talk much, just enjoyed the area.


Whenever possible I paddled through the tall grasses.  That was fun.


Sadly, we did not see any gators.


We enjoyed this part of our adventure so much, it is on our to-do list when we go back.  I am sure all three girls will enjoy this.

**All photos were taken with my smartie phone.  It was taken out of a waterproof box only to take photos. I do not bring my big camera out on water.