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It’s a Privilege


We are making some changes around here.



Want a copy of the No T.V.?  Click on the photo below.

No T.V

Daughter Number Two


She heads outside whenever she can to do her homework.

Today is her birthday.

Pea #2 Christmas List

  • CD Player
  • Kindle Fire
  • Lab (something that I can make stink bombs with)
  • Fuzzy shoes
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Anything with Gems
  • Tree House
  • A lot of black lights
  • Gummie Bears
  • CDs
  • 39 Clues books – doesn’t matter which one

Masquerade, Everyone is on Parade..

The second annual homeschool Masquerade Ball was held tonight.  A live band was performing at 6:00p and the dance started at 7:00a.

At exactly 2:30p my daughters decided to get ready.  Good thing they started so early, because it took me FOR.EV.VAH. to do their hair.  The hair wasn’t really fancy, just the amount of drying time and curling with a curling iron was enormous.

This dance is my oldest second masquerade ball. The first one, she didn’t want anything done with her hair.  She wanted her hair curled this time.

And so did the other, but not as much.  I tried to do her hair like this one found on Pinterest, but it’s more of a FAILED than a NAILED.  Who cares.  Still looks cute.


I bought The Violinist gown at Good Will for $9.99 and it fit her perfectly.  Pea #1’s gown was on clearance at a regular store.  Originally $49.99 and I got it for $10.00.  Not too bad for fancy gowns!

The masks.  The Violinist refused to let make her own.  I have just the right one in mind, but NOoooooo.  So, we ended up with this beauty from a local costume shop.


Pea #1’s mask was made by me.  Remember September’s Pinterest Nailed It/Failed it challenge?  Well, this is the final product.  I think it turned out rather awesome!

I have some beautiful girls!


The neighborhood girls think so too.


And so does The Dad.


The Piano

Sir Husband bought a used piano last December for $200.00.

Since he thinks he knows everything, he decided to work on it himself.  EVERYBODY knows you are NOT to mess with a piano!   I’m thinking there goes our $200.00.

He takes pieces parts out.

All the way out.

He cleaned it, replaced some pads, replaced some pins, tinkered with this and tinkered with that.

He messed with it more and put it all back in.

Then our in-laws decided we needed to get it tuned and called a licensed piano tuner person.   He came today. I’m thinking Sir Husband is going to get an ear full about what he shouldn’t have done to the piano.

So, they talk and I hear the piano person ask questions.  Sir Husband answers.  Then the person said, “Well, 1 person out of 100 usually try to fix the piano on their own.  99.9% of those people don’t know what they are doing and make it worse.  You’re in the .1%.  It’s amazing to me that you don’t know anything about pianos yet you were able to fix this correctly.”

I should have more faith in my husband.  LOL

Here is The Violinist playing after it has been tuned.  The piano person will be back in a few months to tune it again.  He says he will probably have to do one more tuning after that.

Thanks to my in-laws we have a nice working piano. 🙂

Two of My Girls

The Violinist on a rainy Sunday morning.


The Artist (aka Pea #1) and her new party dress.


Entertaining Kids

At least two times a week I yell at my kids, “God, did not put me on this earth to entertain you!”.

I was thinking about this last night and decided that my kids were put here to entertain ME.  Since my kids have gotten older, aka teenagers, the act of me  breathing in front of their friends, causes my kids to scrunch down and hide from shear embarrassment.

Embarrassment, people,  is where the entertainment comes from.

Ways I entertain myself, kids must be present:

♥When I am in my car and I see my son’s friend walking home, I ask if he needs a ride.  This could be a mile down the road,  at the end of the street at the bus stop, or standing in his driveway.   Sometimes he takes the offer.  Most of the time he says, “No thanks. I’m good.” because he is standing by yard.    Response from my son:  “Why?”

♥The neighbor across the street will call every so often and ask if I will pick up his children from the bus stop.  Sure I say and drag my girls with me.  Picture this with me people.    We’re standing on the corner and the bus stops several yards down from the corner.  Out pops the kid.  I raise my hands and start yelling their name.  “FRIEND! FRIEND!”   At that time I start to jump up and down, “I HAVE MISSED YOU!”.   Then the friend starts running away, because I am running to her.  I grab her and give her lots of big hugs.  Embarrassing the friend and my kids.  Double score on the entertainment chart!

♥Wave at everyone on the street, including the people in other cars.  Why this embarrasses my kids, I have no idea.  The people can’t even see them.

♥Sing in whale.  This works very well in public with lots of people around.  Really works well in a parking garage.  You get great sound in there and the kids almost run for their lives before the first note comes out.  So cool.

♥Take off sandles and fling them down the isles of the grocery store.

♥Talk like you’re from the hills when there are lots of people around.  This works very well when the dad is involved.  I get MOM! from all kids.

♥The biggest embarrassment I can do to my kids is give them big noisy kisses.  I do this in the privacy of our home and they are embarrassed. lol

Have you embarrassed your kids today?

Mouse in the House

Day 6:

Lord Henry and M1 have been at it again.  This day we found them sneaking candy canes from the package I left for the girls!  If you look close enough, you’ll be able to see M1 is actually stuck inside the package.  I don’t know what he was thinking!

Day 7:  The pair was found acting out the Birth of Jesus story, on our Advent Calendar.  Lord Henry is Joseph and M1 is Mary.  Wondering if they fought over who was going to play which part?

Day 8:  They love to dance!  When they found out Mr. Snowman also loves to dance, they joined in.

Day 9:  We found them hanging from the kitchen garland!  They wanted the crocheted snowflakes to decorate themselves.  I think they went a little overboard with the size of the decoration they used.

The Violinist turns 14

Today was The Violinist’s 14th birthday.

During the night, while she slept, I threw in several balloons on her floor.  Then I closed her door and…

covered her door in streamer paper.  That is Lord Henry and M1 hanging in there.  I’ll post about them another day.

In the morning she opened the door to this.

and I heard, “MoomMMMM!”

She had to use all her super powers to get out of the incredibly strong crepe paper streamer stuff.  I didn’t have to help her at all.  That means she is growing up. *sniff*

Mouse in the House Adventures

Lord Henry and M1 have been up to a lot of mischief.

Day 1:  They arrive with a note and lots of crocheted stars to hang on the tree.  M1 was buried under the stars.  *rolleyes*     This was also the day we headed out to go camping, which I’ll talk about later.  We left Lord Henry and M1 at home.  The woods is no place for rodents and minions.

Day 2: We were up early getting ready for the day and  I hear J. say, “What!  Why is Lord Henry and M1 in the pantry!?”   To my surprise they were able to get into the camper and hide in the pantry.

I wouldn’t let them go hiking with us, so they stayed in the camper and played.

Day 3:  I don’t have a photo of this, since we were in a hurry to pack up and go.  Lord Henry and M1 must have been up all night, because we found them in our coffee cups ready for some coffee. They probably needed a pick-me up.

Day 4:  We are back home.  I heard some scurrying around during the night, but didn’t know what was going on.  The Violinist and J found out what all the noise was.  Lord Henry and M1 were caught moving ornaments around on our tree!

Looks like M1 was having some trouble and Lord Henry had to save him.  Silly M1.  It also looks like Lord Henry thought one of the ornaments looked better on his head.  I’m not so sure.

Day 5:  Lord Henry and M1 were at it again.  This time R. found them in the pantry at home.  I guess they are liking pantries.   The naughty pair was trying to get some cheerios!  Hmmm…I guess that ornament hat came in handy.

I am thinking Lord Henry is a little lazy, because I see M1 doing all the work and it looks dangerous to me.

Wonder what they will be up to tomorrow?

Anything going on in your house?