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Colorful Cupcakes

Pea #2 had a birthday party last Saturday to celebrate her ninth birthday. 🙂  It is hard to believe my youngest  is already nine.

Her party was a simple one at our home.  She requested pizza for lunch, cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.   She didn’t know what kind of cupcakes she wanted, so I showed her these lovely colored cupcakes I found at Skip to my Lou.  The Pea loved them and so I got to work.

The colors of choice were purple, blue, and red.    I bought the colors at Hobby Lobby; brand name is Wilton. I am not a big cake baker, so I don’t have a lot of this stuff at home.  After seeing the stars on the red, white, and blue cupcakes, she wanted roses, in blue candy for the tops.  I got the mold and candy at Michael’s.

I followed Vanilla Cupcakes from the book Hello Cupcake  and oh was it so good!  I did exactly what Skip to my Lou did and separated the batter into three bowls and added color to each one.

Vivid Colors

Next I spooned each color into each of the 24 liners.  I think I should have made only 20 cupcakes, because after baking they were not as high as I would have liked.

Ready for the oven.

I baked them for so many minutes and did a test with a skewer.  Then decided they needed just a little more baking, which turned a to be just a little too much. 😦    They browned too much and they were too dry.  Not to worry; I had a plan.

Dirty looking cupcakes.

My plan was to add extra icing. 😀  I made the recipe found on Skip to my Lou’s post.  Oh, it was really good!  I don’t have an icing tip thingie, so I just loaded the icing into a zip-lock bag and snipped a corner off.  Then applied a heaping mound of icing on each cupcake.  Then I sprinkled crystal sugar on top.

OOooooo- Ahhhhhh

The extra icing on the cupcakes did the trick.  The kids loved the cupcakes and loved seeing the colors on the inside.  I plan on doing this again, but not the over-baking part.


Did you notice there wasn’t a blue rose on each cupcake?  There is a reason for that.  I followed the instructions on the bag of melting candy and poured the liquid candy in each rose mold.  Then I tapped the mold to get rid of any bubbles and then I waited for it to harden.  I popped out each rose and part of each rose stayed in the mold and each rose had holes in it.  They were not pretty.   The blue color, in my opinion, was awful.  lol   The smell, ewwwww!  I don’t know how people can call that candy!  I couldn’t even wash the sweet icky smell off my hands.  But, my daughter wanted roses so I made them.  After showing her what they looked like, she wanted to taste one.  Her disgusting facial expression said it all.  We promptly threw the whole thing in the garbage.  LOL   A lesson learned.  🙂