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A Like Minded Friend

Two weeks ago, I grab my knitting bag and ran out the door to take my children the the weekly library event.  While they are being occupied, I get to knit in peace.

I have never seen anyone else knit or crochet in the library.  There is one group that meets monthly to crochet lap blankets for the needy, but they are always in a meeting room and usually when I am not there.  So, imagine my surprise when I walk in the door and at the very first table is a woman knitting!

After a few minutes, I walk up to her and say, “May I join you?”  And she said yes.  I get out my knitting and then I stop.  I noticed her bag.  It was an awesome bag.  It was a Tom Bihn bag.  I have seen the brand on-line, but dismissed it.  Then I started asking questions and she was kind enough to answer.

We exchanged Ravelry names and went home.

I searched the world over and found the Tom Bihn website and drooled.  Yes, my keyboard was wet, what of it?  After eyeballing all the knitting bags and accessories, I had even more questions.  So, my friend and I decided to meet again.  This time she would bring almost everything she owns in Tom Bihn.

We met today, at the library.  Let me introduce my new friend.  This is Jennifer of A Knitterary Life.  She is a Christian, knitter, mom of three, homeschooler, designer, spinner, writer, and all around very nice person.  Go over there and say howdy to her and tell her I sent you.


The bag above left is called a Swift.  Because of her, I ordered one like it and it will be here on Monday.  I will post then the reason why I bought it.  The little bags in the front are yarn sacks.  They come in three sizes and have a yarn guide for your projects.  The little bowl on the right is a Travel Tray.  Very handy for a catch all.  The bag in the back is a Imago.  Jennifer has lots of accessories on the inside.


Cute Yarn Sacks in three sizes.  I liked the middle size the best.


Above is the inside of the Swift .  It comes in a variety of colors. Looking forward to seeing the UPS man arrive at my house on Monday!

Below is the mess I made of her possessions.  LOL  She was very gracious and let me open everything to have a look.


I was so thankful she was willing to bring all her Tom Bihn bags/accessories in for me to look through.  It answered a lot of questions.   Thank you Jennifer!

Don’t forget to go to her blog and say HI!  Just promise me you will not compare her writing to mine.  I fall so very short.  *sigh*

Oh, Melanie and Deb, there is a good chance I won’t pester you with knitting questions anymore.  I won’t guarantee it, but there is a slight chance now since I have found a friend who actually teaches knitting.  I have her business card too.

The Mondo Bag

For A Christmas gift a good friend from co-op, made me a Mondo Bag.  For the record, I like bags.  I like lots of bags.  Bags hold Every.Thing!!  So you can imagine the excitement when I opened this.


It’s huge. It’s marvelous.  It’s perfect.  Not only for it’s size, but for how my friend made it JUST.FOR.ME.  🙂

Not only did she add awesome bright colors, but also photos.  These are perfect for a Biology teacher.  You can see a worm, mushrooms, and an animal cell. Totally cool.


Below you can see, I Love Biology and a photo of my husband. My friend went out of her way to capture some favorite pictures off my blog. 🙂


Below you can see me as Professor Goodenstein and The Webmonkey.  Notice the matching glasses. LOL  I am the webmonkey for our co-op website.


I love this bag!  The bottom is a flat huge square.  I have added a skein of yarn so you can sort of see the size of this thing.


I have used it a few time, but right now it is a perfect place to hold all of the yarn I need to make my daughter’s blanket.  A work in progress.


And all the yarn that goes with it.

IMG_0055Thanks, Georgeann, for all your hard work in making this great bag just for me. 🙂




It’s Called a Honey Cowl

Sometime before Christmas Deb and I were trying to decide what I would do for the December Pinterest Nailed It/Failed It challenge.   We decided I would make the Honey Cowl.  You can find Deb’s first Honey Cowl here.

However; I didn’t have any suitable yarn.  No worries, Deb said to use sock yarn and knit with two strands.  Cool.  I can do that.  I wanted to use Chugiak Hand Dyed Sock Yarn by Pagewood.  First thing Deb asked, “Do you have two skeins?”  Sure!, says I.  What Deb didn’t know, was where I got the two skeins from.

I got it from this.

That’s right!  I frogged that sucker right out.  It has been folded in my drawer for three years and I have hated it that long.  Click on the photo to take you to the shawl post 😀

I have another shaw, I’d like to frog too.

I bought a pair of acrylic interchangeable knitting needles to knit the Honey Cowl.  I do not like the acrylic needles.  I will not buy them again, because they seem to be sticky. I like my knitting needles and crochet hooks to be super slick.

So here is the finished cowl.


Some things to know.

  • The yarn is not squishy soft, but it is pretty.
  • The photo does not do the color any justice.  The color is gorgeous, in real life.
  • It is only just over 6 inches wide.  I didn’t want a wide cowl.
  • The above photo is the way I will wear the cowl.

A close-up look at the stitches.


Things you should know.

  • Every single row has mistakes.
  • The pattern was super easy.  I just can’t remember from one stitch to the next if I purled our slipped.

Here it is wrapped twice around my neck.


Some things you should know.

  • I will not wear it like this.
  • I do not like to have anything wrapped around my neck.  Why I continue to make scarves and cowls for myself, I’ll never know.  They are fun to make, but not to wear.
  • It’s doesn’t look as nice as Deb’s.  I think this yarn is on the heavy side and tends to weight down the folds.
  • I will most likely make another one of these for my sisters.  I’ll pick a fluffy yarn with lots of squishiness.

Since I did not have the needles to start this for the December Nail It/Fail It challenge, this ended up being a fun KAL with Deb.  Thanks Deb for all your help with this!

The Sea Box

Jo took the Zoology 1 and 2 class at co-op this year and had a fantastic time.

I, for one, am glad this class is over.   Jo drove me crazy the entire year with this class.  First thing she did was beg me to take her around town to ALL of the nature parks to look for birds.  She had to list and identify the birds she found.  She would win a prize, if she got the most.   Every stinking weekend, we had to visit some place, or we had to drive by an area that we knew had birds, or we went to the zoo.  Her persistence paid off.  She won first place!  I can’t remember her exact total, but it was in the 50s.  That’s twice as much as the second place student. 😀

There were several other crazy things she wanted to do after the birds, but her favorite was the Sea Box.  We started EARLY on that one.    It was months of daily (hours and hours) of work.  She did a fantastic job!

Of course it is not accurate or to scale, but I am impressed with it.  She had to have a shark. A Hammerhead shark, so we had to make another trip to Michael’s for gray clay.  She individually cut out all those cute little fishes, for the shark’s lunch.  lol

My favorite part was the sea turtles.  She researched to find out when the baby sea turtles hatched. She printed the full moon, added dark blue sky, and hungry sea gulls.   She made the turtles from green clay and small shells.  So cute.

Other detailed items were the red crab and the pearl in the clam shell.  Jo now wants to get a live claim from the beach, stuff a grain of sand in it, and wait for a pearl.  Um, yeah.

I think she did a fantastic job.  Below is a classmate’s box.  I love how he did the dolphins. 🙂

I have a break this summer, but I know it will all start up again next when she takes Zoology 3 and Botany.  Oy!

I finished something!

Deb over at Not Inadequate is having a Blog Hop.   It is called “Just Finish Something Already!”.    Since I haven’t finished anything in like For.Ev.Er, I wasn’t able to participate until now.  Just two weeks before the Blog Hop ends.  Go figure.

Here is what I actually finished over the weekend.  A hat.  Yes, a hat.  Problem with that?  Ok, so it isn’t really a big project, requiring lots of planning, and steps to finish.  But it is FINISHED!  And it is one less Christmas gift that I have to make or buy. WOOT!

This hat is for my second daughter, aka Pea #1.

The pattern is from the book Positively Crochet by Mary Jane Hall.   Yarn is Marble Chunky, in a purple color.   It is an acrylic yarn, which is perfect for little girls who don’t take care of their clothes.

My favorite part about this hat is the crown.  I just like the way it looks.

You can find more information on this hat at my Ravelry project page.

Now on to finish my sweater, so I can post something next Monday.

All in a Name

Yesterday for our little art class, we decided to make Father’s Day cards.    Not just any card will do, no.  We wanted alien type Father’s Day cards.  I am part alien, you know.

The instructions were simple.  Just trace the lines in black marker and then color in the spaces with crayons.  This is what my daughters came up with.

Does it look a little strange?  Here, maybe this will help.  Just fold the paper in half and you get…

Pretty cool, don’t you think?  I found this idea at Art Projects For Kids.  Here is our neighbor’s Father’s Day card.  She added eyelashes and eyebrows.  lol

The girls also did their own name.  I think they did a fabulous job.

The names are now on our refrigerator.  It was a lot of fun to do this simple art project.  Perfect for hot summer day fun.

Playing With PSE6

Most people know I like to follow.  If I see something I like, I am going to copy it.  That is why when Melanie at Four Squares starting playing with her Photo Shop Elements 6, well…I had to follow.   I even copied her title to the post.

 I went into PSE and just started pushing buttons.  I have no idea how Melanie changed her photos.   As soon as she squeals and gives up the secret, I plan on trying it out with this photo.

Here is the original.  Yes, I copied her subject matter.  Problem?


And here are several pictures after clicking some buttons. Don’t ask me what I did, because I don’t have a clue.




I kinda like the last two the best.  They are not as wonderful as Melanie’s.

I’ll be playing around with the Photoshop again; after all, there are lots of buttons I haven’t used yet.

Since I like to copy/follow, I have decided to use Melanie as my children’s art teacher next year. Melanie doesn’t know about this yet, so keep the secret for me. I don’t want her to get a big head or think I am some kind of wacko groupie or anything.  It could cause problems between us.

Updated to add:
I contacted the Square Lady and threatened begged her to tell me the secret to her fancy-schamcy photo.  She caved in and told me.  Turns out all she does is push buttons too.  And I thought she had some kind of innate ability to work PSE6.  I might have to rethink copying her art work for my kids. 

Here’s my new photo using the same fluorescent chalk secret button that Melanie did.


Ok, so mine isn’t nearly as pretty as Melanie’s, but MINE has MORE Pink Flamingos in it. Yeah! So there!

Another Contest

Not mine, but another blogger has a contest going.

Go on over to Colour du jour and check it out.  You are suppose to leave a comment, say some things about yourself, and some very nice things about me.   Ok, just kidding on that last part, but you can say some nice things about me if you want to. 🙂

I hate knitting

I have been trying to knit since two years ago.  It still hadn’t clicked  until August when I found out that the proper way to knit is the Continental Style.  It made sense then.  So…I started something other than a bookmarker or a lopsided dishcloth or a scarf I’ll never wear in Florida.  I started a lunch bag.  It was a simple pattern.  All I needed was wool yarn, size  15 circular needles, which I paid $15.00 for!  I also needed help from  Square Melanie. Um, yeah she was a lot of help. cough-cough

I begain the process in August.  Knitting every chance I get.  Then I’d stop because I wanted to work faster, so I picked up crocheting again.  Knitting is soo very slow. 

 lunch bag 3

I learned some things. It isn’t easy knitting backwards to fix a mistake. If you drop a stitch, you still need a crochet hook to fix it! In crochet you only need to pull the yarn to go back to fix it and you still only need the crochet hook. You don’t need a needle in crochet.

I finally get to the end of the bag. Yes, there are mistakes and a hole I think, but after felting no one will know. 😀 I was sick on knitting by the time I got to the flap part, that I decided to fix it and just crochet a nice flap.

Lunch bag

Pretty isn’t it. It is the shell stitch. I like it very much. I didn’t know how it would felt, but I figured the edging would at least be scalloped. 🙂

To felt it, I put the bag in the wash on hot water, no soap, with some towels to help with the rubbing part. Once the yarn is felted, the bag will be nice and thick. All the stiches will be fused together.

I waited with excitement. I finally finished a knitted project and it was going to be useful to me. The washer beeped, to let me know it was done. I reach in and pull out the pillowcase my bag was in…

Continue reading

Crocheted Tea Cozies

teacosie.jpgThis is a tea cosy I made for my swap buddie at Crochetville.  It is made from Red Heart yarn.   My friend wanted something retro, with colors to match her kitchen.  She also likes anything with stars.   I fashioned this cozy from Fox-Glove Tea Cosy .   The big red star is a button used to close the cozy around the tea pot.  She and I had the same teapot a six cup Brown Betty (only hers was red).

Here are pictures of the tea cozies she sent me.  She designed these herself.  The first one is like mine, with the bubbles.    The second one is felted.   She sent me extra flowers and they are the ones I put on my daughter’s hat.  🙂  These are not very good pictures and the color does not do them justice.  They are very beautiful.

teacosie-1.JPG teacose2.JPG These are used for my Brown Betty tea pot.  You can find Brown Betties at Harney & Sons or buy them off of eBay (like I did).

Below are some patterns to make your own cozies. If you make any, please tell me about them.

  • Prim Rib – this is knitted.  I really like how it looks, but I can’t knit well.
  • Rosy Cosy –  this is beautiful and I plan on making this soon.
  • Ripple Tea Cozy – very pretty for 2 or 3 cup pots.
  • Scallop Tea Cosy – This is the pattern that started the swap at Crochetville.  It has been done in different colors and is very pretty.
  • Lion Brand Tea Cozy – I haven’t seen this one before.  Looks nice.
  • Teapot cozy – This one is decorated with crochted flowers.

That is all I can find for now.  If I find anymore free patterns, I’ll post them.  🙂