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Big Shoals

So I ask the husband, “Hey, what are we doing for the 4th of July?”  His response, “Go somewhere there are no people.  Like Big Shoals.”   GREAT says I, that’ll give me another notch towards my Trail Walker patch.  More on that later.

We pack our walking sticks, backpacks, camera, lunch, and two out of four kids.  Because two out of four kids prefer indoors than outdoors.   Two parents out of two parents wanted to keep four kids out of four kids, so decided to let two kids out of two kids stay home and not “dispose” of two out of two kids for having bad attitudes.

Two hour drive to Big Shoals State Park, no problem!  I have my knitting and Root Beer.

We had a lovely lunch right by the river.  All by ourselves.  Except for one other large family, but they left us alone.  I’m good with that.


Off we go on a 1.5 mile hike to the waters edge.  The edge where we could probably put our feet in the water.


We noticed the water was high and moving very fast.  Decided it would not be a good idea to wade in it this time.  Girls were not happy.


The walk was beautiful!  It sprinkled some, but mostly it was really nice.  Not too hot.


At the end of the 1.5 mile hike, more like a stroll, we rested at the water’s edge.  So beautiful.  We did keep our eyeballs open for gators.  The Husband and The Daughter decided to take a rest in the hammock.  I had no idea he had packed that hammock.  LOL  Who does that on a 3 mile hike?


On the way back to the car, we stopped by The Bat Cave.  It is really cool and you can hear the squeaks of the bats inside.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good picture of them.


I did get a nice picture of their poo.  Bats drop a lot of poo. I have to admit, it was gross.


Afterwards we went home and did nothing.  Didn’t even go watch fireworks.  So un-American!

Tallulah Gorge State Park, Part One

After Reed Bingham State Park, we head on up to Tallulah Gorge State Park.

It’s beautiful there.  Right away we see color at the camp site.First things first.  We have to get the new spare tire out of the camper.

This is what happens when you leave a watery Florida.

There wasn’t much of the day left for us, so we hiked down to the damn.  It was an easy hike right from our campsite!

William and I visited here 25 years ago or so.  I’ll have to dig the photos and compare them later.

We walked just a little ways down the trail and stopped at the overlooks.  When William and I were here last, there wasn’t any “overlooks” or stairs or railings.  It was all open.  We didn’t realize until the last day of our visit this time, that it wasn’t a State Park when we were there before.

Below is a view of the upper gorge and southern part of Hawthorne Pool.  Gorge depth 250 feet.

Heading on back to the campsite, Pea #2 has to pose for the camera.  She likes to be serious when she wants her picture taken.  Back at the camper, Pea #1 throws pillows at us because we all piled on her bed, in her own little cozy spot, while she was in there.  That’s what families are for.Can anyone tell me what this tree is?  The fruit fell in piles on the ground.  We constantly stepped on them and it was like dog poo on the bottom of our shoes.  It wasn’t easy to get off, but thank the good Lord it didn’t smell like poo.Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of our trip to Georgia.

Heading to the Mountains

Last Sunday we ditched violin lessons and headed up north. We desperately wanted to see some Fall colors.  First stop was just a one night stop over to get us to where we wanted to be.

We stayed at the Reed Bingham State Park.  It is a pretty little park.  We picked the perfect lot, a drive-through, and hopped out of the van to have a look around.

The park host was super nice at this one.

I think William picked this park for a one night stand was because there was a dam involved.  If there is a dam anywhere on our trip, William will find it.Along the river bank there were these flowers.  I don’t know what they are, but they are so pretty.

The girls walked around and climbed some trees, just to stretch their legs.

The Pea is sitting on a huge wisteria vine.

We had a simple dinner of hotdogs, Mac ‘N Cheese, and green beans. Then went to bed kinda early and rose kinda early.  As we headed out, we heard a loud spissshhhh.  Lost a tire.

 Thankfully we had a good spare.  It was around 7:00am when the camp was quiet.  As soon as we stopped to change the tire, two men came out to help. One was the Park Host and the other was just a camper.

Both men helped by supervising while drinking their morning coffee.  LOL They were very nice and we enjoyed their talk.

We were thankful it happened inside the camp and not out on the road.  Later we bought a new tire at the  cost of $160.00.

Next stop Tallulah Gorge State Park!

Entertaining Kids

At least two times a week I yell at my kids, “God, did not put me on this earth to entertain you!”.

I was thinking about this last night and decided that my kids were put here to entertain ME.  Since my kids have gotten older, aka teenagers, the act of me  breathing in front of their friends, causes my kids to scrunch down and hide from shear embarrassment.

Embarrassment, people,  is where the entertainment comes from.

Ways I entertain myself, kids must be present:

♥When I am in my car and I see my son’s friend walking home, I ask if he needs a ride.  This could be a mile down the road,  at the end of the street at the bus stop, or standing in his driveway.   Sometimes he takes the offer.  Most of the time he says, “No thanks. I’m good.” because he is standing by yard.    Response from my son:  “Why?”

♥The neighbor across the street will call every so often and ask if I will pick up his children from the bus stop.  Sure I say and drag my girls with me.  Picture this with me people.    We’re standing on the corner and the bus stops several yards down from the corner.  Out pops the kid.  I raise my hands and start yelling their name.  “FRIEND! FRIEND!”   At that time I start to jump up and down, “I HAVE MISSED YOU!”.   Then the friend starts running away, because I am running to her.  I grab her and give her lots of big hugs.  Embarrassing the friend and my kids.  Double score on the entertainment chart!

♥Wave at everyone on the street, including the people in other cars.  Why this embarrasses my kids, I have no idea.  The people can’t even see them.

♥Sing in whale.  This works very well in public with lots of people around.  Really works well in a parking garage.  You get great sound in there and the kids almost run for their lives before the first note comes out.  So cool.

♥Take off sandles and fling them down the isles of the grocery store.

♥Talk like you’re from the hills when there are lots of people around.  This works very well when the dad is involved.  I get MOM! from all kids.

♥The biggest embarrassment I can do to my kids is give them big noisy kisses.  I do this in the privacy of our home and they are embarrassed. lol

Have you embarrassed your kids today?

Hershey Kisses

Wednesday Sir Husband calls and says he is at Wally-World and asked if I needed anything.

Yes, I say.  I need a bag of Hershey kisses to add to a gift.  Get the ones in Christmas colors if you can.  He says ok!

Five minutes later:

Sir Husband, “What was I suppose to get for you?

Me, “Hershey Kisses.  The Christmas colored ones.

Sir Husband, “That explains why I am standing in the candy isle looking at the chocolate.”

Me, “Yeah.  That would be the reason.  Get the Hershey Kisses in the Christmas colors.”

Forty-five minutes later he is home and I empty the bags.  I hold up the bag of M&Ms.   Me, “Um, I told you to get Hershey Kisses.”

Sir Husband, “I did.”

Me (still holding up the bag of M&Ms),  “I wanted Hershey Kisses.”

Sir Husband, “Yeah.  That’s what I got.  See?”

Me, “HER-SHE kisses!”

Sir Husband, “OH! What was I thinking!”

The rest of the family, “BWAHAHAHAHA..”                                                         

Around here the M&Ms will now be called Hershey Kisses.  So I have no idea what the kids are asking for when they want Hershey Kisses.

Mouse in the House Adventures

Lord Henry and M1 have been up to a lot of mischief.

Day 1:  They arrive with a note and lots of crocheted stars to hang on the tree.  M1 was buried under the stars.  *rolleyes*     This was also the day we headed out to go camping, which I’ll talk about later.  We left Lord Henry and M1 at home.  The woods is no place for rodents and minions.

Day 2: We were up early getting ready for the day and  I hear J. say, “What!  Why is Lord Henry and M1 in the pantry!?”   To my surprise they were able to get into the camper and hide in the pantry.

I wouldn’t let them go hiking with us, so they stayed in the camper and played.

Day 3:  I don’t have a photo of this, since we were in a hurry to pack up and go.  Lord Henry and M1 must have been up all night, because we found them in our coffee cups ready for some coffee. They probably needed a pick-me up.

Day 4:  We are back home.  I heard some scurrying around during the night, but didn’t know what was going on.  The Violinist and J found out what all the noise was.  Lord Henry and M1 were caught moving ornaments around on our tree!

Looks like M1 was having some trouble and Lord Henry had to save him.  Silly M1.  It also looks like Lord Henry thought one of the ornaments looked better on his head.  I’m not so sure.

Day 5:  Lord Henry and M1 were at it again.  This time R. found them in the pantry at home.  I guess they are liking pantries.   The naughty pair was trying to get some cheerios!  Hmmm…I guess that ornament hat came in handy.

I am thinking Lord Henry is a little lazy, because I see M1 doing all the work and it looks dangerous to me.

Wonder what they will be up to tomorrow?

Anything going on in your house?

Mouse in the House

A friend of mine told me all about the Elf on the Shelf and all the fun they have at their home with Curtis.  Yes, Curtis is the name of their little elf.

Well,  we do not celebrate Santa here, but I really wanted in on the fun.  I thought a long time about how we could have the fun without the Elf/Santa thing.

Searching for a project on Ravelry I found Henry.  He looks pretty cute and floppy and I might be able to pose him. So,  I knitted him up.

He’s still missing his tail, but that will be added very soon.  He measures around 12″ from feet to ears.    I’ll have to work on how to pose him each day.  He is a little floppy.

You’re probably wondering about his eyes.  Right?  I mean, if he walked up to you right now, you would be looking at those eyes.  Wondering what goes on in that fluff brain of his.  I know you would, because I’d be doing the same thing.

Yes, they are freaky.  It all started out when I ordered a bunch of different colored safety eyes.  I couldn’t decide what color so I asked everyone.  Most people liked the copper eyes, so I used those.  Afterwards I decided I didn’t like the copper eyes.  Only two people picked the blue eyes.  One was The Son and the other was The Husband’s Sis.

So, I searched how to remove safety eyes and found this video.

As you can see, I was only able to remove one.  Decided to leave Henry as is; a little crazy.  He’ll get into lots of mischief during the holidays.    That is unless I decided to make Minions instead.  Minions are small and more elf like.  They are also very cute like Henry.

Minions or Henry?  Henry and Minions?

Stay tuned and find out what kind of trouble Henry finds himself in.  The fun begins December 1st!

Update:  Thanks to Sheri for letting me know that Henry isn’t just Henry.  He is Lord Henry.  So let it be known!

Meet Phil

Back in October The Husband brought home Phil.  The kids named him Phil.

This is a 30′ Timberlodge Sky Camper

We were all excited and had to check it out.

Phil sleeps 10, I think. In the above picture you can see the loft.  It sleeps three.  Under the ladder one more can sleep.

The dinette breaks down and sleeps two and the sofa unfolds and sleeps two.  Then there is a full queen sized bed for two.  That does make ten. In reality the dinette and sofa are too small, so maybe a total of six people.   A camper that sleeps six is what we wanted.  Just in case we ever actually talk the son into going camping with us.

We haven’t been anywhere camping yet because there had to be some repairs done.

There was a major leak in the back “closet” in the master bedroom.  Since The Husband is a handy husband, he got to work.

And since he is The Husband he did a nice job with the repairs.

It is all back together now.  🙂   Below is a photo of the pass-through before The Husband started working on it.  Notice the sides and the roof.  Also notice the goofy kid at the other end of the pass-through.  (Photographed from the right side)

And here it is after The Husband fixed it up. (photographed from the left side) There is now a nice ceiling and lining on the wall to the right.  Even the goofy kid is gone. The wires on the ceiling to the right of the opening will be for a light.  The Husband wants to be able to reach in there and turn on the light, in case we are setting up camp at night.  Can’t see in there otherwise.

We have slept in it twice and one of those times we acted like we were camping somewhere. lol  I’ll be posting about that event soon.

We love Phil and can’t wait to take him out on a real trip.

Gifts for the Camper

Our neighbor’s were so excited we bought a camper, they came bearing gifts!  I like gifts.

OH BOY!!  A trash can!  Now you want one; I just know it.   This was such an exciting gift, the neighbor’s wife had come along to help present this supreme offering.

I am really excited to get this can.  It isn’t just an ordinary can.  It is so much more.  It’s a turkey oven.  Everyone say Woot!!   What?  You’ve never cooked a turkey in  a trash can before? Where have you been?  Oh with me, because I’ve never done it either.

The neighbors swear this is the best way to cook a turkey.  Especially while camping, since our camper oven will only hold a small cookie sheet.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a 2″ turkey that will fit in that oven.  Photo coming later.

So, how do you cook in a trash can?  Good question.  You can find excellent instructions at TheTrashCanTurkey.

I am so looking forward to giving this a try.  If we don’t get to go camping for Thanksgiving this year, we will be making this in our backyard.   Now go get yourself a nice clean aluminum trash can, bake your turkey, and report back to me. 😀


I also bought myself a gift for the camper.  Lights.  Yep, you have to have patio lights.  It’s a hidden law among  RV campers.  The neighbors bought grapes.  I wanted grapes, but apparently the neighbors have the all because I cant’ find any.  However; I found a better set of lights.

You have to admit, these are me. Right?


Now that the girls are out of school, they wanted to camp in the back yard during the week. Sir Husband dug out our very first tent.  We bought it shortly after we were married and used it to go camping with friends up north, where there are seasons, and coolness, and mountains, and all the places I want to be.

I had forgotten how small it was.

It’s a three-man woman tent.

One time when we were camping, there was torrential rain all.night.long.  William always pitched the tent on a light hill, just in case it did rain and the water would just roll on down.  However, that one morning we woke up with our feet under water!  But our heads were dry!

The fan is for camping Florida style.  It really didn’t help, because the screen was so fine, the air didn’t flow through.

We also roasted marshmallows on an open fire.

Did I mention it was in the 90’s and it was 8:00pm?

At least it wasn’t as hot as it was the last time we camped out .